Costco Trip #082709

So once again Mr. Pat and I make that somewhat semi-regular trip to our local Costco.

Let’s see what  we found this time:

08-27-09_1921Cuisinasrt eliminates the need to ever use a separate bowl for your popcorn, ever again.


Quite the innocent chair. However, it comes with a tag that has a tempting offer…


The marketing genius stole that line from his/her own personal ad.


The makers of this product won’t admit it, but you could go #1 or #2 in it if it was a dire emergency.


The strange arm-thing coming out from the top of this fan makes it look like something out of the movie The Matrix.


Consumers like porducts that promise instant gratification!


Here is a pair of trash cans that promise the ultimate creature comfort!


Wow!  It is better than anyone could imagine…


…however, the initial reviews of this product were not very flattering.


Remember the Coneheads from Saturday Night Live???  Well, their Sensor Ring technology finally had some kind of breakthrough.


OK…cord organizer OR a pack of fun for a very lonley guy.


Try selling these “stacks” at a fast food joint.  Maple Syrup optional


Funny how the sight of hard candy in a wrapper makes me think of …Onions???

…and now to piss off the Bratty One…


Member of the No Kids on this Block by night… distributor of yellow Onions under a rather uninspired name by day.


Yummy!  Bratty’s favorite!

OK, back to our regular scheduled program…


These green beans have had their Bris.  We even talked to the Mohel!  Jewish Green Beans from France, who knew???


Our Beloved Beacon would take issue with this claim.


Cavemen have been put back to work by Geico and Pacific Blue.


From the same people who bring you gaudy upholstery!


As I am familiar with the Spanish language, either this is Tofu to die for, or tofu that will kill you.


Who wants plain old crab cakes?  Especially when you can have Handy Crab Cakes (whatever the hell that means)


10 thoughts on “Costco Trip #082709

  1. I am very disapointed that you would associate me with onions and the M word. You suck!!! You are in such big trouble.

  2. Oh, BTW…I think that “Matar Tofu” might be referring to the passing of deadly gas that will surely happen after the consumption of such food. 😛

  3. The “m” word refers to the fungus that grows in nasty stuff that a certain boy and many italians love to eat.

  4. Ouch Ital, that was harsh. Are you gonna come let me kick you in the shin next time I am in California? I will play all my NKOTB songs for you. Over and over and over again.

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