The Baby Bug


Someone I am close to just had a baby about a week ago.  She and the baby are both doing fine.  The new mom is a bit stressed, and has needed some extra support from friends and family.  This was her first baby, and learning to be a parent has been a challenge.

I have offered to help with the baby on several occasions this past week.  I have watched the baby while the new mom gets some needed sleep.  Two hours of sleep goes a long way when she can get it.

The baby’s father is not in the picture.  Sadly, he is showing no interest in making his presence in the baby boy’s life a priority.  Too bad for the guy, he is missing out.

Meanwhile, I feel like I am bonding with the baby.  I use a calm tone to talk to him, and reassure him that he is safe.  I have no trouble changing a diaper, or bottle feeding him when he is hungry.  Now, if I can just perfect the art of the perfect burping technique.

Some of my friends are wondering if I am getting hit by the baby bug.

I have made it clear to my friends and my family that I had given myself a deadline of my 28th birthday to fall in love and marry, and have kids.  I felt then like after 28, I would be an old man by the time my kids reached those years where I would need to be able to throw a ball, and other athletic feats of strength.

Well, my 28th birthday has long since passed me by, and I am content to know that I am not going to be a father.

Or maybe???

Will spending time with this newborn baby make me rethink my stance?  I do not think so.  I mean, I am only spending a couple of hours here and there with him.  It’s not like I have done an overnight where he has to be fed and changed in the middle of the night.  That alone might keep the bug from really biting me.

Somehow the baby has affected me.  Maybe it is his arrival at a time in my life when I am so self-consumed.  My rather selfish nature has been turned on its ear as I look forward to offering my time to help watch the baby so the new mommy can rest.  I get transfixed on the baby as I hold him, and hope that his future is one where he is healthy, and happy.  I hope his mommy grows stronger as a parent, and works hard for him and his future.  These thoughts come so naturally to me, and me being such a self-centered man.


The amazing power of babies!


18 thoughts on “The Baby Bug

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  2. I had my first child at the age of 27 and the second at the age of 34. You are not too old, Tapperass. Anthony Quinn had kids in his 70’s.

    BTW, that adorable baby is lucky to have you help him and his momma. Sweet!

  3. Being the same age, I often have similar thoughts…but now that I’m in my 30s I know that I’m definitely not too old to settle down and have children. I’ve met many men who didn’t have kids until their 40s and even one friend who was a bit past 50 when his first son was born…and he now has 3 charming little boys.

    But, to be fair, I also remind myself that for perhaps unknown potential reasons, it just may never happen in my life, and I’m ok with that too. 🙂

    That baby is indeed lucky to have you in his life. Do you know how much he weighed when he was born?

  4. A friend of mine also had a child over the weekend and I have to say that he is one of the most self-absorbed people I have ever met in my life. He sent me a picture today of him lying in bed staring at his newborn baby daughter and I was taken aback. He has never stared at anything other than his own face for any measurable amount of time so it sort of threw me.

    I had my only son when I was nearly 30. He recently moved out for good having reached the age of 21. Before my son was born I had traveled, run with crazies, had a million adventures and thought I had an extremely good and varied life. That all changed when my son was born. I had only lived half a life and he made my life complete in so many different ways. I cannot thank him enough for making me a better man by making me a father.

  5. You really aren’t too old. I had my wonderful son at the age of 34, three months before my 35th birthday. I wouldn’t have missed that opportunity for anything. It was an experience that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. From a woman’s point of view, or should I say my point of view, it is the greatest gift that two people could ever share. Even at my ripe age of 45, I would do it all again for the man I love if he so desired. What you’re experiencing with this baby would only be intensified if it were your own.

  6. Actor Tony Randall was married for over 50 years, then his wife died. He remarried and started a family in his senior years.

    Look at Larry King – he is still going strong with a young family!

  7. It’s nice to see your warm, fuzzy side. Being a good uncle is important, as well as great training should you meet Ms. Right and want one of those for your own. Age is less important than preparedness though best if you don’t wait as long as Tony Randall. At 77, I think he was a little past his prime breeding years.

  8. Heck T.A., at your age you have time enough for 3-4 future ex-wives, with 2-3 kids each. Watch out you might get what you’re after….

    The baby is absolutely beautiful.

  9. I had my kids when I was young and must admit that at the time, I don’t know that I fully appreciated what a privilege it was to be a parent. You get the opportunity to … ah, I don’t even know that I can explain it.

    You are able to know this new person, and watch them learn everything for the first time–that those things in the air are THEIR tiny little hands, that kitties say “meow”, that sand is squishy under their feet… it is all so wonderful, and if anything, I think older parents can appreciate it even more.

    Don’t sweat the age thing, as there is absolutely NO right age. And no wrong one. For now, just relax and enjoy that little one. You’re helping your friend, but what a gift she’s also giving you 🙂

  10. You are obviously not biologically past the age to parent… i think its even more intersting that you’re looking at this and studying your reactions and maybe its even growing on you! Supporting a new mother who is feeling alone and overwelmed is a sign you’re far from being self involved. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

    HugsXX with plenty more where that came from 🙂

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  12. carol

    as you should know, anthony quin, tony randall, and larry king didn’t have babies. Their young wives did.

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