Another fine trip to Costco (Costco Trip #100109), its a good one!


Cups for those of us with lots of disposable income.


At last, Charlie Brown’s little Christmas Tree has some serious competition.  You fill those spaces with CUPCAKES!  Yum.


This is a Costco baked Pumpkin Pie.  Why they chose to place the pie in a dish taken from the set of Star Trek is still unknown.


We saw this, and just hoped that the artists hand crafting were good enough to wash their hands before making this beer.


How refrshing it is to meet a frank that is not afraid to meet its end.  Good to know they were raised with care!


Phrom the people who brought you Phish and Phat!


Sorry folks, we tried to find Deep Pocket Singles.


In case you did not know, this company’s motto was once “As long as it looks good!


I think that one of the Spice Girls busted out of the Music Biz.


Most monks will make wine, but these guys had dreams all their own.


Star Wars geeks came from all over the county to see the Obi Wan Kenobi shrine… and to this day, “these are not the droids you are looking for…”


This is an ideal Polar Bear lawn ornament, but I miss the one that eats the seal pup


Ladies, I have to ask, do some of your periods last FOREVER???


You just know some man took this stuff home, rubbed it all over his package to try and impress his girlfriend.  His penis probably sees things clearer now.


Yes, they are talking about that end of your body!


8 thoughts on “Another fine trip to Costco (Costco Trip #100109), its a good one!

  1. I always think of this blog when I hit Costco. I think I had the same Charlie Brown thought when I saw that cupcake holder. So nice to have you back :-).

  2. so when Niman ranch says it doesn’t give antibiotics to its animals — ever,

    does that mean they let them die slowly of infections or slaughter them before they suffer an easy cure?

  3. I had the same question about that no-antibiotic thing. If we refused to give our CHILDREN antibiotics, we’d be in trouble. I mean, what if they get a bladder infection or STI? And as far as the girl question? “To infinity and beyond!”

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