How are you labeled???

label+makerApologies to any Mike Anderson out there!

Since I returned to the Humboldt Blogshpere I have paid special attention to those other bloggers, and how they have labeled my blog on their respective Blogrolls.

I try to find a clever way to describe the links on my roll, as do many other Bloggers.

The Carson Park Ranger over at the Eureka Standard simply calls me Scrapperass in his roll.  I always laugh when I see it.

Over at Mr. Branscomb’s Place, I am the Man at Planet Tapperass.  Have I ever mentioned that I like that Ernie guy!

The brain trust behind the Mirror took the straight ahead approach by telling people that Boy has a new Blog. (Yes Bugs!  I am saying that you are smart bugs.  Deal with it!)  I will learn to live with dual identities.

I like how Carol and Greg simply have my link as Tapperass.  Some kind of “take a chance” link.  Let’s hope my link on their blog has not cost them any readers.

The ladies over at Chocolate Covered Xanax have me pegged as the Boy most likely to become a man… I guess it is better than most likely to end up in a sugar coma.  Wait?  Let me think…

…and at last we have Richard over at Samoa Softball.  After some confusion, I sent him a new link to my Planet, and he has graciously added me to his blogroll.

I was touched to discover that our Beachcomber was grieving for the old Blog Most Likely to… Well, others still have the old links to that blog, and I was glad to have had their support in the past.

This is a new day, and a new Planet.  I was just curious about how I am labeled.


4 thoughts on “How are you labeled???

  1. I love it when CPR uses those big words. Oh great, now I’ve forgotten what I was going to write. So instead I’ll just say, even though it’s in the wrong thread, Mmmmmmm….pancakes. xoxox

  2. “Let’s hope my link on their blog has not cost them any readers.”

    It’s okay if it did, but we haven’t heard. Do you think “Planet Tapperass” would offend fewer?

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