Holy Crap! They said it would never be done! Plus: The Denver Broncos pay homage to Charlie Brown.


Just about twelve years ago, there was a cultural shift in Tampa, Florida.  Tampa is home to my NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  For the 1997 season, the Bucs changed uniforms, and color schemes.  Scarlet and Pewter replaced an old color scheme that is often referred to as “Creamsicle”.

1997 was also the season that the Bucs started to look like a winnig franchise.  Often noted for being the poster child for futility, the Bucs started to build a winning attitude that culminated in a Super Bowl victory following the 2002 season.


The old day-glow orange uniforms were forgotten for over a decade.  The ownership of the Tampa Bay Bucs were often adamant about the old uniforms never seeing the light of day again.  The old uniforms symbolized the losing days of the past.  Until the Detroit Lions went 0-16 last season, the Tampa Bay Bucs were the only NFL franchise to have gone without a victory in an entire regular season (1976: 0-14).

Well it seems that the Glazier family (owners of the Bucs) have finally been swept up into the frenzy of throwback uniforms.  I just found out recently that the Buccaneers had announced a throwback game date some time last year.  So, on November 8, 2009, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will run onto the field wearing Creamsicles and sporting Bucco Bruce on their helmet.

The "light in the loafers" brother of the guy on the Oakland Raiders Logo

The "light in the loafers" brother of the guy on the Oakland Raiders Logo

As you might have guessed, I suddenly have an ideal  gift for my birthday at the end of this month!!!  The National Footbal League brain trust is brilliant.  Lots of fans are buying these “throwback” jerseys.  Teams like the New England Patriots, San Diego Charger (the Powder Blue Chargers Jersey is the best!!!), and the old Houston Oilers Jerseys are a good bet to be best sellers.

Now for this Denver Broncos Throwback…


Yikes!  I am surprised this thing lasted two seasons.  You would think that after one game, the players would have said something.  When I saw these things on Sunday I thought that Charlie Brown was going to run out on the field and get under center for the Broncos.  I thought I was going to see Lucy and Peppermint Patty playing linebacker for the Broncos as well.  Now I see why the Denver Fans never complained about the orange uniforms from back in John Elway’s day.

So next time you see me, do not forget to wear some kind of UV eye protection.  I might be sporting a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Creamsicle.

Photo source #1

Photo Source #2


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