A fine Month indeed!

I do not recall if I have posted this in the previous edition of my blog.

chava birthday 002

October is my month.  No matter how hard my job gets, or how dire my personal life may be, October always seems to put me on a good frame of mind.  I am most excited about the fact that my birthday wraps up the month.

I have always thought it is cool that my birthday is also the day people dress up in creative and often scary costumes.  I miss going door to door for candy, and trading the candy I did not care for with my friends at school.  I miss the birthday party with the built in theme.

Is it too soon for me to say that I am on the backside of my life?  In golf parlance, have I made the turn and started the back nine of my life?  Is this the start of a mid-life crisis?  Silly thoughts I take it.

So here are a few of my Birthday wishes:

I want the Los Angeles Dodgers to make the World Series. Winning may be another matter, but just as long as they get there.  A Southern California Freeway Series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim would be even better.  A nod to my So Cal roots.

I want the Washing ton Redskins play spoilers for at least one playoff-bound team in the NFL this season. I want my Pops to take pride in watching the Washington Redskins spoil some team’s chance to make the post season this year.

I want my Tampa Bay Buccaneers win at least one game this season. If the Detroit Lions brought winless back into fashion in the NFL last season that does mean my team has to follow the new trend.

I want one head coach in the National Football League to have a profanity-laced tirade. The sounds of BLEEP never get old as some head coach loses it in front of reporters and fans alike.  A coach is paid lots of money to win games in the NFL.  The pressure is bound to make somebody snap.

I want Al Davis to Retire/Die/go back to his home planet. I have taken so much satisfaction from watching Raider Nation suffer from the actions of an inept ownership that has all but dismantled a proud franchise.  It is time for the Oakland Raiders to be saved.  Step aside Al, and let the team have a chance.

I want there to be another Blogger’s Picnic. Good luck with all that.

I want my fellow bloggers to have good health and fortune.

Happy Halloween!!!


6 thoughts on “A fine Month indeed!

  1. Its my b-day this month too- Sadly, I didnt get MY

    1. Michael Vick to be torn apart by some abused dogs.
    2. And an apology from the NFL for hiring this waste.

    Ruined the sport of football for me.

    Glad youre still enjoying it though.

  2. Look how cute you are! Not much has changed.

    And hey…if you decide not to miss our little event on the 30th, maybe we can talk Eko into going for at least a Blogger’s drink. Just a thought. And a hint. xo

  3. Great picture! In all the years I’ve known you…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of you when you were young (I don’t remember your Mom showing me any the time I met her, just plenty of embarrassing stories as I recall). 😉

    October is indeed the King of all months! Of course I’m a bit prejudiced myself being a fellow Scorpio. 😀

  4. i too want the dodgers to make the world series…
    as far as all of the other stuff you noted – if it makes ya happy then i’ll cast in my votes for you. 🙂

  5. Unfortunately you know what happens to wishes your heart may make, but that should never stop one from dreaming!!! Happy Birthday and love that photo!!!

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