I’m only happy when it rains…

Sometime in the middle of last night, the sound of rain hitting my rooftop awakened me.  Or was it the rattling of my window as the wind showed its strength?  Anyway, I smiled and rolled over to return to sleep.  The rain that many people were talking about had arrived, and I was still too sleepy to get up and celebrate with some half-coordinated dance.  Well, it is not like I do that anyway.  However, I was quite impressed in the fall of 1992 when I witnessed my very first big rain here in Humboldt while a freshman at HSU.  I remember becoming more impressed because the darn rain would not stop for several days.  I was accustomed to So Cal storms that lasted two days at the most.

Now that I am veteran of this weather, I have started to look forward to some other sights and sounds of the wet season.  I tell outsiders that it is not the rain or wind by themselves that make the weather bad.  It is that combination that makes the chill seep into the bones.  Anyway, we all have coping strategies for this time of year.  So fire up the hot cocoa, and pull out that extra blanket as you watch TV or read that book you want to finish.

However, be on the lookout for these stormy weather stalwarts


A rather inert and unheralded tool for the grocery shopper, the cart can be easily relegated to an afterthought.  Silly shopping center patron!  So comes the day the day of wind and rain.  Suddenly the docile cart comes to life, and becomes a self-propelled missile seeking the quarter panel of your vehicle.  It does not make it any easier when you consider that some shopping center parking lots are on a slope.  The carts pick up momentum, and BAM! An insurance agent will now hear yet another story about how a shopping cart with a mind of its own found its way to your vehicle’s tail light.


An intersection is the last place you would expect to see the emergence of wetlands.  However, heavy rainfall sometimes creates these Insta-lakes.  Shortly after this picture was taken, Fish and Game staff arrived to stock this little lake with trout.  Please be sure to have a fishing license, or your gear could be confiscated in addition to a fine.

You must also take caution when traversing the waters in your vehicle.  The water submerges many of those hazards that can ruin your car tires.  Often, spiteful pedestrians will toss a box nails in the water hoping to surprise the young drivers wanting to impress their passengers by zooming through the water to create a mini-tsunami.  While the mini wave that crashes against the curb is somewhat impressive, the nails lodged in the tire are no cause to rejoice.  So again, be very careful.

Stay dry, and safe as the storms arrive this season!


One thought on “I’m only happy when it rains…

  1. You’re lucky to live in such a rainy area like Humboldt County…down where I live the first few days of the wet weather are very scary. Since it’s normally very hot and dry all year…these stupid flatlanders never seem to understand concepts such as friction vs wet roads = SLOW THE HECK DOWN!

    Squealing tires, spinning cars and many accidents always grace us here during these transitional times. Then again, it does help with my piety as I spend a lot more time praying while driving my car than usual. 😛

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