Money with a message


Are you tired of getting the cold shoulder when trying to spread the news about God?  Well, today at the grocery store I was given this un-assuming five dollar bill.  It appears a previous holder of this bill had a message that had to spread somehow.

I am not sure if I should hold onto this bill.  Or should I be a good sport and continue the chain?

What will happen when a Godless heathen gets this bill???

(if you are a Godless reader of this blog, the whole heathen remark was made with levity)


6 thoughts on “Money with a message

  1. We take a Sharpie to the “god” in “In god we trust” on the backside. If we’re feeling spunky, we write in a substitute, such as FSM.

  2. Ohhh, wait, you misinterpreted the meaning of the message on the $5 bill. The author worships money and in this instance is praising the $5 bill.

  3. The message is really a discreet secret code, which should read: “Doogsi Dog”…and it stands for Don’t Our Oranges Go Suddenly Indecent Depending On Grapes. 😀

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