Pops: Proud fan of the Washington Redskins


It is not easy being a 'Skins fan!

How do you get away with watching your favorite NFL team at a local bar knowing that your team will lose?  I mean lose badly.  Our beloved Pops has found a way.

I knew he was going to get teased because his team was embarrased on national television.  The Redskins have made headlines this year for all the wrong reasons, but not as bad as the Raiders (sorry Raider Nation)


Yeah, keeping a low profile.

We salute you Pops, even though we have no idea where the hell you found the walker.

(for the record, he does not really need one)


2 thoughts on “Pops: Proud fan of the Washington Redskins

  1. Skins worse than the Raiders?!?!? Are their games blacked out where you live??? Actually, the both have the exact same crappy record but until the douchenozzle I drive around every day is finally booted by Jesus through those heavenly goalposts then the Raiders are doomed.

    Only thing worse than the Raiders? Let’s ask my uncle “Al Davis’ Potty Chair.”

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