Scorpios…and proud of it!


I don’t know if you give any credence to the Zodiac, or any meaning behind your Astrological Sign.  Some days I do, and others I don’t.  The truth is  I love that I am a Scorpio.  It is a built in excuse to be secretive, moody, and unpleasant at a moment’s notice.  I also like to trumpet the fact that I am fiercely loyal to my friends, and extremely wary of those I am not friendly with.  I like that I am passionate about what is important to me, and that people are generally enamored with me (when I choose to be sociable) .

I am very proud to be a Scorpio with two of my bestest friends on the West Coast.  JJ and Italiano are also proud Scorpios, and we often toast the virtues, and curses of being born under this intense sign of the Zodiac.

Of course as we have gotten older (I have known both these men for over a decade now), time has brought with it new responsibilities.  JJ and I met when we worked at the same office.  I miss laughing with JJ at some of the silliest things.  Like the time he almost peed himself laughing because he discovered that a former co-worker of ours has a last name that is pronounced the same as that famous Oscar Myer lunch meat.  Or going to lunch at Smug’s, or the burrito place where JJ played mind games with the teenagers that worked there.

I have known Italiano for nearly two decades.  I enjoy the conversations we have, and I find that he and I share the same struggles to express ourselves in a world that often overwhelms us.  I have become more like Italiano as  I move towards a more private personal life with my need for ample solitude.  Italiano has expanded his music interests since he has known me.  What about those Fountains of Wayne???


Anyway, I just want to pay tribute to my two friends who share my passion for being a Scorpio.  My life is so much better for knowing them.  As we leave the coveted 18-34 year old demographic, I want to say that I still enjoy the wisdom I have gained in these years I have been alive.  I can only hope my friends feel the same way.


9 thoughts on “Scorpios…and proud of it!

  1. Warpios? Well at least we’re not called lodgepoles. That’s a little too close to ‘cornhole’ for my tastes! 😆

    I also think Mr. Tapperass forgot to mention that my musical library has only expanded under great stubbornness and an unwillingness to listen to anything other than 80s glam and metal. However, I listen to a lot of music that he probably doesn’t know about…but must admit that I do Tai Chi to Kiss tunes most every morning.

    For some reason though, those Fountains of Waynes tunes keep popping up on my iPod somehow…wasn’t me I swear!!! 😆

  2. I like Warpio. I am sure some people who know me would find that word adequately describes me at times.

    Oh, and JJ may never leave the lowr end of the 18-34 demographic, so Lodgepole (friend of this blog, Italiano) hits the nail right on the head.

  3. Warpios….hee hee. I love that! I’d use it to describe myself with pride if I were you.

    Happy Birthday to you three. Especially you, the one with the big…stinger.

    I’ll miss you on Friday night, Tapperass!

  4. hey……if you are going to be a scorpio you won’t be this open at first. If you are feeling proud then you won’t open up(if you are a true scorpio.)

    Don’t just be proud as you are born under this sign…but also be a good scorpio

  5. OK, so there is a set of guidelines for being a good scorpio. I am proud of my sign, but not foolish enough to believe that my every action is somehow tied to my sign.

  6. YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!!! I too am a Scorpio! November 16th. Our Sun Sign kicks other sun sign’s asses!

    Obsessive, suspicious, moody. Yep. That’s darn close.

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