It was nice to get away.

It was not a well kept secret that my lady friend and I went away this weekend for a rest.  This was the first time I can remember being away from home on my birthday.  What I got was a much needed retreat from the real world.

The cozy Rustic Retreat

Our cozy Rustic Retreat


Did I mention we had a Hot Tub?


Creature Comforts


...yes, it was quite comfy!


Another door to the Hot Tub!


We were above the river.


We had access to the garden. We did not take advantage.


Garden Delights


More Garden Delights


A view of the cabin from the side of the river.


The foot bridge over the river. We could have parked our car on the other side, and walked.


Below the new foot bridge was the old foot bridge. It was something out of Indiana Jones, ans I was looking for crocodiles beneath the expanse.


Plus we made a friend.


7 thoughts on “It was nice to get away.

  1. shame on you for not taking advantage of the garden!! well actually, just shame on you for not bringing me anything back from the garden. happy belated! everything sounds/looks super dreamy!

  2. Dang, Tapperass, answer your comments.

    Happy birthday. Great bridge. Was there high-speed internet?

    In the big cabin there is. Point your cantenna at that.

    This is beautiful. What is the name of the place? I want to go.

    Middlefork Ranch

    Where exactly was this?

    The “Rustic” cabin. I like the the Yurt.

    If you want to go to this spot in June or July, you have to reserve it months in advance. Might as well try to grab a river spot at Smith River Rec. if you are going through all that.

    Going in October is brilliant. It is past river season (and into algae season), but still gorgeous. I imagine easier to get reservations as well.

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