The Creamsicles did the trick!

Buccaneers Primary Logo

So it’s come to this for the fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hoping that Creamsicle and a less-than-masculine looking winking pirate can bring you luck in ending one of the longest losing streaks in the franchise’s sordid history.- JC De La Torre for The Bleacher Report


The Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played a game yesterday that featured the first appearance of the “Throwback” unforms from a time that was plagued with losing. Add to that the opponents were the Green Bay Packers. Back in the 1980’s this was an old NFC Central rivalry simply called the “Bay of Pigs” for its lackluster participants. Well, since then, each team has won a Super Bowl, and the yearly match-ups are a thing of the past.

However, on Sunday November 8th, these two teams took to the field with Tampa Bay looking to win their first game of the season. To honor the Thirty Year Anniversary of the very first Buc team to make a post season appearance, the team wore the Creamsicle uniforms that were all but banned in 1997 by the owners.


Well, the Buccaneers won 38-28! I was in heaven watching the game on TV. In addition to be an exciting game that featured a Bucs comeback, the fans at the game were mostly clad in the old Creamsicle colors. How outstanding is that? I hope the owners see this and realize that there is a demand for the often hideous day-glow orange. There is just something about it. I have my jersey, as do many other fans I am sure!


Hideous but Beautiful

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