A Collection that is merely Peanuts…

Top view

I had a short phone conversation with my brother Esteban today.  In between hammering out my travel plans for the Holidays, and talk about music trivia, we got on the subject on my Peanuts/Snoopy collection.  It was a treat to finally remove the pieces from their cardboard box hybernation.


Snoopy and Woodstock playing hockey on the frozen bird bath

This collection has accumulated as a result of my efforts, and the efforts of friends and family.  Esteban always seems to find stuff that I would never find because of his own collecting interests.  So when I pay him and his wife a visit this December, I will be returning with even more items for what is simply called “the collection”.


Found this at a local flea market (I think)

Some of my pieces are ordinary merchandise that is sold seasonally.  Other pieces are trues collectors’ items.  I have not been aggressive in seeking new items for over three years.  However, my collection grows with lots of help from the likes of Esteban, Mr. Pat, and others.

music boxes

Esteban found the glass coin bank

Well, I could have collected bottle caps!


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