Behind the walls of a Fortress

I arrived an Oakland coffee shop where Pops was passing the time as the morning crowd was dispersing.  It was perfect timing, and to be honest, after a restless night on Italiano’s living room floor I was ready to crash at the warehouse.

We arrived in front of this beautiful brick building up the road from the 880.  Pops opened the front door.  Then he opened a second door.  Then he opened a third door.  Once we were inside the bowels of this fortress, there was yet another door that led into the living space we were to stay in while in Oakland.  Very impressive!  All this place needs is a moat and drawbridge.  This loft is spacious, and even has wi-fi.  The owners were so kind as to leave us the password so that we may use the internet.  First class accommodations if you ask me.  I am just looking forward to sleeping on a bed tonight instead of a floor.  Two beds and a large couch adorn a large room with Multi-media Projector that was set to beam to a white wall across the room.

Wow!  We get to watch movies on a big screen!

not so fast…

Due to a technical glitch that Pop’s nor I could solve, we were left to go without watching Jaws and Raising Arizona.  Lucky for us, we are able to sustain our life forms without television and movies.  It pleasant evening of quiet time without our hectic jobs and lives.  Probably the best part of this vacation.

Eventually Mr. pat and Bubbles showed up, and we all went out for a bite to eat.

This will be our very first trip to the Mcafee presents the Oakland Alameda Coliseum.  Of course we have heard horror stories of bad fans, and the violence that can break out.  We are going to the stadium as neutrals (even though Pops is a Washington Redskins fan, he is going to be wearing the Silver and Black) as the Raiders host the Washington Redskins.  I have expect to see an episode or two of men behaving badly.

…and just so we do not get off too easy here in Oakland, I woke to the sound of rain.


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