(Your Company’s name here) presents The Oakland Alameda Coliseum

It was somewhat discouraging to step outside the Fortress and see the drizzle.  I knew that our run of pleasant weather game days was about to run out.  I had bought rain ponchos, and layered up my clothing for the winds that were sure to bring a chill.  I would say we were ready.

So Pops and I spent a quick minute fueling up with breakfast.  My omelet of ham, avocado, and cheese was to die for.  I skipped the coffee, and settled for water.  Pops and I finished our food while Mr. Pat and Bubbles waited patiently for us to be ready to hit the Train station.  The BART dropped us right by the Stadium.  We had a short walk over a foot bridge to the entrance of the Stadium.  The bridge was packed with people trying to buy or sell tickets.  It was a literal mine field as guys walked back and forth repeating the same phrases over and over.  ” I need tickets” or “Anyone need tickets?”

I was surprised in a good way when I began to mingle with Raider Nation.  Sure, there were a few drunken fans, but they were only wobble walkers, and not the obnoxious types we had come to anticipate.  We took no chances.  Pops was wearing a Raiders jacket, and we spent the entire game cursing the Raiders for their poor effort against the Washington Redskins.  We chose not to face the potential wrath of Raider Fan.  It would be no big deal, for the Raiders were not playing well on this day.

We spent a good portion of our time searching for the luxury box where Al Davis was watching the game.  We may or may not have found him.  Our glass was not very good, and we could only make out a fuzzy image that could have been anybody.

Brad Gradkowski started the game for the Oakland Raiders.  However, a knee injury ended his day at halftime.  Enter Jamarcus Russel, and he did so to a stadium full of boo birds.  I was shocked to hear the entire stadium showering the young man with boos from the moment he set foot on the field.  Ultimately, Russel proved to be ineffective, and he was given a chorus of boos for the most of the second half.  I have to believe those boo birds got into his head.

As the game was reaching the end, the seagulls decided to clean up the stadium mess by themselves.  The gulls swarmed the upper parts of the stadium, and their numbers increased as the fans filed out of the stadium once the game was out of hand.  They were flying so low that people began to fear that they were being targeted.  It was like Hitchcock’s thriller come to life.  It got so bad, we abandoned our seats.  It was best not to risk injury, or poop bombs.

Just one last note on this day of our trip.  Outback Steakhouse Sucks!!!


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