The night game, and suddenly it’s ending.

It is often thought that the end of the trip should be the Topper.  The one event that is the showcase, and most memorable.

This Monday night football game was not one of them.  For starters, the Arizona Cardinals must have failed to make the plane for the trip to the Bay Area.  The team that stood in for them played a very sloppy game, and the players had a hard time holding onto the football. As a result, the 49ers looked like gang busters winning their sixth game of this season.

Niner fan was in rare form tonight.  Often loud and obnoxious, they seemed to rival and at times surpass Raider fan in tenacity.  Every Arizona fan wearing team gear was a target for insults and obscene gestures. However, some Cardinal fans taunted the home crowd.  I guess the Cardinal fan will get the last laugh. Three weeks from now, the Cardinals will still be playing football while the Niners are making tee times in Florida and southern California.  The highlight of the evening was when peace loving Pops told the obnoxious kid in front of us to “Sit the fuck down!”.  The kid flapped his gums for a few minutes, and he let us know he was planning to stand up many more times during the game.  The funny part is that the kid did not do much standing the rest of the game.  I now see that Pops knows how to talk to the younger people.

It was uneventful beyond the fans and their behavior.  Now we can turn our attention towards the drive home.  Of course we are going many miles out of our way to hit our favorite buffet at Cache Creek Casino and Resort.  This will be the most important thing we will do on this trip.  Perhaps then, we have yet to have our topper.

Bring an antacid tablet, because we may need it.

One last note:  The staff and security at Candle Stick Park strive to provide their patrons with the absolute best environment in which to experience events such as the football game we attended today.  They ask us as patrons only one thing:

Keep it together man!


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