My Blogsphere Christmas Gift List…

For the Veggie Addict: A treasure chest full of vintage cookbooks.  Especially ones that specialize in desserts

For the Beachcomber: A coupon good for sunny days with no wind on our coast

For Greg and Carol: A poaching license to legally remove the duck hunters

For Fred: A designer curbside recycle bin

For Richard Marks: A Snuggie to wear during those long Harbor Commission meetings

For Joe Cornish: A magic wand to vanquish all the bad behaving people at the gym

For the Humbugs: A case of Pabst Blue Ribbon- why tinker with perfection???

For Monica T.: Twitter Therapy Sessions (Seriously Sister!)

For Ernie Branscomb: An internet teleportation device to take him to Stonehenge

For Eric Kirk: A renewal of his annual subscription to “Where did Steve L. go anyway?”

For Heraldo and Co: Do they even celebrate?

For the ladies of Chocolate Covered Xanax: Cases of liquors and fine wines.  Boxes of chocolates, and men with large arms and big hands to feed you both

For our much missed Humboldt Turtle: Almonds coated in a soft chocolate shell, and a Holiday Plea to return to blogging (with your lady of course!!)

For Ekovox:  A year supply of one gallon cans of Nacho Cheese.  Now EVERYTHING will taste better covered in cheese!!

For The Carson Park Ranger: A gift card to an anonymous store, from an anonymous friend.

For Rose: A new D.A. to watch.  Plus a new set of coffee mugs for her coffee shop

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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