…and if I never make it back…

We won't be flying for this one

I am excited!  In a couple of days I will see my family.  I look forward to homemade tortillas, and tamales.  I look forward to my brothers teasing me, and catching me up on their lives.

First I have a few friends to see.  I will find inspiration out there on this road trip.  So stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “…and if I never make it back…

  1. Glad to hear that you arrived in So Cal safely. I was a bit worried since you left a few hours later than you had said you wanted to, so I hope that the traffic wasn’t too bad.

    See you in a few days, and don’t get into too much trouble. 😉

  2. I slept in because in the wee hours of Thursday morning, one of your upstairs neighbors turned on the music to 11!

    Some cheese ball 1970’s soft music, like something played in the waiting room of a Dentist.

    I am darn surprised you were not awakened by that little 20 minute opus.


  3. Those idiots…hence while I call them “the zombies”. I’ve complained to the managers and they’ve been spoken to a few times…but they unfortunately seem to be those types of people born with noise in their DNA…everything they do has to be at least 150 decibels or they probably don’t feel they’ve accomplished their true mission in life. Especially at 3 am…I guess I’ve gotten used to it after a year…:roll:

    I know who the guy is and he gets a pretty nasty stare whenever I see him. However, he’s a lot smaller than me, so if you ever read a news report of a small man thrown off an upstairs balcony and then run over with a Tercel, you’ll know he finally bit off more then he could chew. 😉

  4. Happy New Year, my friend!

    Still nursing the supply of Necco wafers from last year. They are awfully good for what ails you.

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