At home he feels like a tourist

I often ask myself:  How can I possibly top a trip to Wal-Mart during a busy Sunday?

Well, today my mother and I headed south into Hollywood.  It would ultimately be a short visit.  My mom is due a knee procedure, and all the walking was a bit too much on this warm January day.

I was at home this morning while driving to pick my travel companion.  Here we are in the middle of winter, and there were lemon trees being harvested.  When I pulled up to my mom’s house, I saw the familiar citrus tree that is common in many back yards in my hometown.

The traffic down the 101 was light.  We made good time to Hollywood Blvd.  We parked for a small fortune, and walked down to an establishment that was closed.  Well, the walk wiped out my mom and her bad knee.  We spent some time looking at stars on the Walk of Fame.  All of the tourist traffic was not so bad.  Well, it is a Monday.  People dressed up like movie stars, and super heroes dotted the landscape.  Marilyn Monroe’s impersonator looked like a skinny crack addict.  There was a Darth Vader who wore a cape that could have once been part of a lace lingerie set (Seriously!  I tried to get a picture).

Anyway, I ended up taking a few shots of some feet in cement, and I just want people to know that Hollywood treats Peter Frampton like crap!

This picture was not that difficult my fuhrer...I am sorry... Mr. President.

I was disappointed not see a bullet casing in the cement

How did he do such fantastic stunts with such little feet?

Pete does not feel like we do


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