Someday my luck will run out…just not now

I am fond of saying that what you don’t know won’t kill you.

Perhaps I just bought into this saying because I heard it, and it was simple enough to remember.  Could it be true?  Is ignorance bliss?  What do we learn from the experience of not knowing what you should have known in the first place?

I learned that I am one of the luckiest sons of bitches I know.  Maybe if I had paid more attention to every detail while I was driving up Interstate 5 then I may have seen the Angels riding Shotgun with me.

It was not until mile 324, and during a stop off the highway for gas and leg stretch when I got a look at the tire.  A tire I was certain was doing fine.  A tire I had on my car as I left Humboldt County last week that I was sure would hold up despite having a noticeable bald spot on it.  A tire on the car as I drove my one (and only) mom, and myself to Hollywood and back.  The same tire on my car as I drove up to and in excess of 75 mph up the Interstate while weaving between slower moving trucks.

After playing the scary thinking game of “What could have been?” I collected my thoughts and got back on the highway.  I slowed down the pace, and tried to make a plan.  It was close to 11 p.m., and even though the pressure in the tire was good, it was still one minute away from blowing apart.  I was not going to make it another 50 or so miles to Italiano’s home.  As I crossed Altamont pass, it was clear I had to get the hell off the road before I blew out, and maybe start a highway disaster.  After consultation with three people close to me, I decided to find a hotel, and get the tire replaced in the a.m.

Many thanks to Mission New and Used Tires in Hayward.  They took me right in, and I was on the road in less than 30 minutes with a quality tire.

Some of my mental notes about the Tire Fiasco:

-God was not ready for me to die in a car accident on I-5 as the result of a tire blowout at 75 mph.


-Big O Tire Company makes a fine steel-belted radial tire that will not blow apart even when a part of the tread has been worn through passed the steel.  At high speeds even!!!


4 thoughts on “Someday my luck will run out…just not now

  1. Glad to hear you made it home safely! Only once have I seen a tire blow out…which was on a friends car some years back…luckily he wasn’t going fast but he lost control of the car and through a stroke of luck was able to avoid hitting anything. His tire literally exploded and he was stuck without a proper wrench to replace the spare (he called me and mine did the trick)…and which point I advised him to get all of his tires replaced, as he had just purchased the classic car they were on and my guess was that the tires were also from 1965. 😉

    I didn’t want to mention this the other day because I figured the last thing you needed to hear was a story like that during a tire crisis. 🙂

    Again, glad to hear you are safe and sound and I hope to be up in your neck of the woods in the near future.

  2. Boy-

    Glad to hear this turned out OK. The last flat I had, my dad said probably looked something like that, before it completely deflated on northbound 101, just past the Samoa/Sunnybrae Exit. I sat there, pulled as far over as I could, being passed on both sides by cars going 70, waiting for my dad to come save my a**. Ack!

    I’m a heck of a lot more attentive to the air in my tires now, so lesson learned, I guess.

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