Costco Trip #011410

From the “Hide an Affair” Collection

NO!  That is not Latin for “Horny Microwave”

So.  Exactly what do you filter the hot water through when filling a coffee urn?

…and somebody in the San Fernando Valley just got an idea for a porn film.

Now!  A quick tour of the wine selection:

This scheme to sell this vintage could be destined to fail.  Who knew you could sell wine from prison?

A quiet little wine.

Heckle and Jeckyll break into the wine making business.  Hope they make a splash.

Sometimes your wine just is not a hit single.

So, this is not a pure Napa County Wine after all???

Times have been tough for Twinkie the Kid.  He has found some work pimping Texas Citrus.

Fans of The Matrix movie franchise are pleased to see their favorite Cyber Hacking Hero is not in a “To Go” package.


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