KSLG 94.1 steps their game up!

World Class Boxing Champion Floyd “Money May” Mayweather once used Jim Rome’s Television show as a forum to let his competitors know that they should “Step their game up.”

I hear this audio clip all the time on Rome’s radio show.  Speaking of the radio show, the radio station that carries Jim Rome is an ESPN affiliate.  ESPN, the Sports Leader, has been hyping up, and over-saturating the radio and TV airwaves leading up to this morning’s appearance of Tiger Woods.  As if he missed Ground Hog Day by a couple weeks, Tiger emerged to see just how long his shadow had cast since he disappeared from sight last November.

In what was described by Jim Rome as a “controlled, and carefully crafted dog and pony show”, Woods spoke for over ten minutes to a small crowd of hand picked friends.  He apologized, chastised the media, and told us he was heading back into more therapy and healing.  He may play golf again this year… who knows.

No questions were directed at him.

The appearance was made at 11 a.m. eastern time.  I was already on my way to my early morning appointment at 8 a.m.  Vegas bookies had gambling odds and betting lines on how may times Tiger would say the word Sorry, or what typical cliches he would toss around.  So I was curious to see how he addressed his hand picked crowd.  I tuned into KATA 1340 am, the ESPN radio affiliate.  Not to my surprise, I was left to listen to the taped delay re-broadcast of the ESPN radio early morning show that was already three hours off the air back east.  The guys were talking Tiger, and pushing the hype that the ESPN brand was trying to sell to its listeners.

Frustrated that the station would not find a way to switch over to a live feed, I turned the dial.  Actually I went FM.  To my surprise, John Matthews was broadcasting the Tiger Woods appearance on 94.1 KSLG.  I was able to listen to Tiger mull through his prepared statement.  I can see why this guy wants to avoid a real gathering of actual media members.  He sounded like a machine.  I can only imagine how hard it would be for him to take a peppering of questions by reporters, and forced to answer on the fly.

For the record, I am not all that interested in the sorted details of what Tiger Woods has been doing to mess up his marriage.  I am sure for those of you who are curious, many books will be written some day about how bad of boy Tiger Woods was.

Thanks to KSLG 94.1 for making my morning, and stepping their game up.  I knew I should have taken the Over on the Over/Under: Number of times Woods says the word Sorry (4.5).


6 thoughts on “KSLG 94.1 steps their game up!

  1. Most people didn’t like the fact that Mike and Mike were on at 3am so we doubled up an re run the show right after the live finnishes airing. People like this as that’s when they are awake to listen.

    Collin Cowherd is also in delay because Mike and Mike run over his live show. ESPN and our listeners wanted this also.

    We used to run ESPN all live but got nothing but complaints.
    Be carefull what you wish for.

  2. We could have done that but the computer we use to access the ESPN scheduler was in the repair shop due to a virus. With more heads up we might have been able to this with another computer. Just over a year ago the system changed and we were no longer able to just move a patch cord. It’s all internal and relies on the P.C. and internet to be in good working order. Most changes need to be made 24 hours in advance.

    Good on John Matthews to get it on live. We should have played some music while he was doing sports.

  3. I guess we can’t really expect a man whose specialty is getting up and down from a bunker to be a public speaker as well. And what about the unsorted details? The sordid unsorted details are what I am dying for, literally!!!

    “I don’t give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way”

    Dan Quayle (Just kidding that was me!!!)

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