Another nod to the Compulsive Proofreader

Walking with my lady on Saturday, I came across this gem…

A few days later, somebody had to have said something to someone…

Are you still out there Compulsive Proofreader?  I will link you up!


2 thoughts on “Another nod to the Compulsive Proofreader

  1. Yep, I’m still around. I have 2 additional blogs that I am neglecting on top of CP. It’s amazing how much time working nearly full-time and having a toddler requires. The last thing I feel like doing in the evening is sitting in front of the computer again.

    By the way, it was brought to my attention that on the original sign, ‘solon’ is a word also:
    ( c. 630– c. 560 bc), Athenian statesman and lawgiver. One of the Seven Sages, he revised the code of laws established by Draco. His division of the citizens into four classes based on wealth rather than birth was the basis for Athenian democracy.

    I think someone should have put a ‘Y’ after ‘HAIR’. A funnier fix for sure.

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