A belated Costco Trip # 020400

The Super Model of Vacuum Cleaners.  It probably comes with its own eating disorder.

Oil Eater!  Wow, that is bold.

I am one letter away form a cockroach joke.

At first I thought this was a product designed to finally help women get through “that time of the month” in a quicker, and easier fashion.  I was wrong, as usual.

Fetzer is looking out for the two fisted wine drinker.

Is this label hinting at the positive effect this will have on the male libido, or is it a warning of the pending disappointment?

You know what?  Just write your own caption for this one…

Yeah, just be upfront with the kids:  this drink is good for you, so it sucks!

Sock maker by day, blogger of food and sex by night!


7 thoughts on “A belated Costco Trip # 020400

  1. Boy….have you seen the sign at Winco on the wall between the booze department and the bagels about cameras and recording devices being prohibited within the store? Ladyfriend and I believe it’s because of YOU! Ha!

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