Costco Trip #031010

Pretty Sure the Buy Line for this is: “Great for when you just want to ‘Kick it’ in the house”

Great Idea! I am just wondering if this is a quality product…

…oh, I am so sold!!!

Please fill in your own funny reference to Conservative Radio Talk Show Host, or Classic Rock band now.

When you get older your T will grown in.

Oh for Heaven’s sake just call it a FAT SAFE!!!

Right now somewhere on the North Coast, an idiot is ruining his dog’s teeth.

Fired from the Hall of Justice, a former Super Hero tries his luck in the Tool Industry.

If these two little red devils will put out a fire engulfing your whole home what will Firemen do besides teach CPR?

Costco’s new “Return your Un-used cups” policy has been met with tepid reviews.

Is this from the makers of that ever elusive G-spot?

Oh look, a boot box that holds a wine bottle? I must be getting my languages mixed up again.

After an unsuccessful attempt to use his favorite word game to name this, a wine maker has stroke of genius.

Wow, talk about an economically produced wine. I wonder if this wine maker has any competition?

Oh boy! We have us a little battle of the economic wines.

Somewhere Ralph Kramden is kicking himself for not going in with his buddy on a business venture.

Robert Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, has declined an offer to endorse a new product.

I can’t speak for you, but I prefer BIG Morning Buns!

…and finally for you Tech Geeks…

I am going to wait for Mad River Stealhead 7.


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