Are Smokers the new Lepers?

How are smokers fairing these days?  Not a day goes by without seeing a sign that prohibits people from lighting up.  Sometimes I even hear snide comments from non-smokers as they pass a smoker or two.  A few of my friends have a few choice words for those who smoke.

However, I also have friends who are smokers.

Now I am not a smoker, but I am not a hater.  I am sure there are those smokers who have tried to quit.  If it was easy to quit, then perhaps all the taxes placed on a pack of smokes would be making more of a difference.

So I ask:

Where do you stand?


2 thoughts on “Are Smokers the new Lepers?

  1. I used to be a hater of cigarette smokers. Then all that information about smokers being addicted and that cigarette companies change the tobacco content in cigarettes to keep smokers addicted and I felt bad about things I had said previously. I myself am addicted to food so I have more sympathy these days. But I still cant stand cigarette smoke!

  2. I smoked some in high school and after though I don’t think I ever enjoyed the smoking, just the impression that I was one of the cool kids. I am very intolerant of the smell and presume there must be crap added that wasn’t there before. It annoys me that people choose to smoke but I don’t have any choice whether to smell it….I have to walk through the cloud or smell it drifting into a room I’m in….or into my car because the driver in front of me has his hand out the window. (I don’t mind if you smoke if you don’t mind if I shit in your shoe.)

    I support the smokers’ rights to smoke …. as long as they can contain the smoke so no one has to inhale it if they don’t choose to. There, I feel better. Thanks for asking.

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