The Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Play-in round and First Round match-ups here!

This year I have been inspired by the NCAA College Basketball tournament. This is the time of year when 65 teams compete for one National Championship. One team remains at the end, and that is our National Champion. It is one of the best ways to determine a national champ; despite some debates along the way.

The Tournament Bracket becomes a big deal as basketball fans try to predict which teams will make it to the next round. Lots of money is wagered by people hoping to have the right picks going all of the way to the finals. This year’s Men’s national Semi-Finals (aka The Final Four) will be played in Indianapolis. By now, many a college hoops fan has pulled out their hair because the tournament is unpredictable, and a sure thing can quickly become a bust.

This year I did not bother to fill out a bracket. I know better. Instead, I decided to create a different kind of tournament bracket. A national sports radio personality has created a Super Hero/Super Villains tournament.

I have created a Blogger’s Tournament Bracket. It is a field of 65 local blogs that I put together. I used the model the NCAA has in place for filling in their brackets. The field of 65 is broken into 4 regions of 16 blogs. Blogs are ranked from #1 to #16. A low number by a blog name is good, because it means it is ranked higher. The NCAA has a committee that crunches numbers, and determines how teams are seeded in the brackets. I had to do the same. Of course, as a committee of one, I did the best I could based on purely subjective concepts. Bottom line, I guessed where I thought each blog should be ranked. Since it will be mentioned at some point: a few blogs did not make the field of 65. As with the NCAA, there are schools who are left out of the dance. Please feel free to post your complaints. Perhaps the committee will do better next time.

The four #1 Seeds for this Blogger’s Tournament are: The Humboldt Herald, SoHum Parlance, The Humboldt Mirror, and The North Coast Journal Blogthing.

Just like the NCAA, I have named the four regions. The Arkley Regional is where the Humboldt Herald will be placed as the #1 seed. The Glass Regional is where the North Coast Journal Blogthing will be placed. The Neely Regional is where the Humboldt Mirror will be placed. Last but not least, the Gallegos Regional is where SoHum Parlance will be placed.

As is done in the Men’s NCAA Tournament, the field of 65 teams will be trimmed down to 64 by virtue of a play-in game:

Bumblebee Nation vs. Tree Sitter’s Blog

The winner of the “play-in” game will face the Humboldt Herald in the first round of the tournament.

I tried for the past several days to find a tournament bracket I could upload with all of the Blog names on it. I failed. If you would like a file sent to you from a Micrsoft Works document I used to fill in the brackets, I will e-mail it to you. Just send an e-mail request to the address under Contact Us from the top of this page.

As you scroll through the match-ups below, remember a lower number by the blog name means a higher rank.

Round 1- Arkely Regional

1 Humboldt Herald vs. 16 Bumblebee Nation/Tree Sitters Blog

8 Osborn Reporta vs. 9 Ed Denson

5 Beachcombers Blog vs. 12 The Joe Blow Report

4 Humboldtia vs. 13 Forrest Defender’s Blog

3 Chocolate Covered Xanax vs. 14 Nocturnal Nomad

6 Eureka Now vs. 11 Highboltage

7 The Ranch at Salmon Cr. vs. 10 Steve Lewis

2 Redhead Blackbelt vs. 15 Impact Humboldt

Round 1- Glass Regional

1 NCJ Blogthing vs. 16Bay of Rezanov

8 Bob Flame vs. 9 Mckinleyville Press

5 Radio Radio Radio vs. 12 Planet Tapperass

4 Eureka Standard vs. 13 Compulsive Proofreader

3 Dirt (Amy Stewart) vs. 14 Fortuna Citizen

6 Talking Tech vs. 11 Kushboldt

7 Eureka Poz vs. 10 MovieDad

2 Ernie’s Place vs. 15 Veggie Addict

Round 1- Neely Regional

1 Humboldt Mirror vs. 16 Brenda Lou’s Blog

8 As it Stands 2 vs. 9 The Petch House

5 The Bitten Apple vs. 12 Bohemian Mermaid

4 299 Opine vs. 13 Humboldt Homestead

3 Somoa Softball vs. 14 Green Wheels

6 The Plazoid vs. 12 Klamblog

7 Hucktunes vs. 10 Seven-o-Heaven

2 Fred’s Humboldt Blog vs. 15 Continental Shelf

Round 1- Gallegos Regional

1 SoHum Parlance vs. 16 Lost Coast Daily Painters

8 Rambling Jack vs. 9 Out on the Peninsula

5 Tom Sebourn Blog vs. 12 Humboldt Hash and Re-hash

4 Cheaper Than Therapy vs. 13 Dreaming up Daily

3 WatchPaul vs. 14 Save Ancient Redwoods

6 Capdiamont’s Blog vs. 11 Myrtletown

7 Lynette’s Nor Cal History Blog vs. 10 Redneck Romance Writer

2 Carol and Greg’s Place vs. 15 Arcata Can be Better

As you will quickly see, all of the #4 seeds are beloved blogs now absent from the scene.  They were allowed in by the committee.  So again, if you want a copy of the actual tournament bracket, I will e-mail you a file.  Enjoy, and check back for results.

Who will the Final Four be???  Stay tuned!


16 thoughts on “The Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Play-in round and First Round match-ups here!

  1. Man, I’m in the same region as the Mirror. You better be setting up an upset.

    I have “upset” Mirror a couple of times, so it would be appropriate.

  2. Oh man, you can’t make this shi* up! `Boy, you have outdone yourself on this one. And thanks for making 299 Opine a part of the tourney. We do have a secret plan though….bribing the refs. Oh, and using ringers from the Huffington Post disquised as nacho cheese/Necco wafer lovin’ rednecks.

    Not understanding how this tourney works…how does a blog advance? Is it based upon NCAA games? Are we matched up with a real NCAA team? I don’t quite understand the field of play.

    If 299 Opine falls off, I am rooting for Eureka Standard, Cheaper Than Therapy, Humboltia and Hucktunes in the final four.

  3. OK, I will answer some of this:

    Roberta, it was tough to seed the #2 through #4 seeds. It should be noted that the Herald is the #1 overall seed, and it goes from there. Rose is a very strong #3 seed, and could very well make past C&G to get to the regional finals. Rose is one of a few dark horse blogs out there.

    Andrew, for #10 seed you are VERY Dangerous. Bob Huck is in for quite a battle. With Fred Mangels and Richard Marks as potential opponents down the road, it could get dicey for you. However, if you make the regional final, The Mirror will have their hands full!

    Ekovox! I am still running a couple of models on how to decide who advances to the next round. I may use an old Tournament bracket from a previous NCAA year, since this years final four is set in College Basketball. If I used this year’s tourney, people would know who was going to win.

    I will figure this out, because I was too short sighted to figure a way to pick winners.

    Stay Tuned!

  4. #3 seed! Sweet! I will have to agree with Roberta, Watch Paul should have been the #2 over Greg and Carol, but there could be many upsets in this tournament. I am in a tough Bracket but looking forward I hope to see a match against Fred to see who faces off with the Mirror! I would have to say if you had the rankings it should be:

    1. Humboldt Herald
    2. The Mirror
    3. Southern Humboldt Parlance
    4. Fred’s Blog
    5. Watch Paul
    6. Greg and Carol’s
    7. NCJ Blogthingy
    8. Radio Radio Radio
    9. Out on the Peninsula
    10. Eureka Now!

  5. I can explain the infield fly rule, but this bracket thing has me all kinds of confused. Essentially, my question is, do I need to do anything?

    And regardless of how the game works, I must point out, you have created a veritable “Thrilla in Manila!” with:
    8 Rambling Jack vs. 9 Out on the Peninsula

  6. OK, answering more questions, and such.

    Richard, the Committee did the best they could. Rose is where she is, but that is why it is a tournament.

    Jen, I am trying to figure out how I am going to pick winners of each match-up. You are not required to do a thing.

    Oh, and drinking helps make this stuff easier to understand.

  7. My top 5:

    1. Heraldo (by a clear longshot)
    2. Eric Kirk (quality, regular posts)
    3. Fred (Quanity over quality, but also a Humboldt blog pioneer)
    4. Mirror (Simply because of the exclusive access to Rob A.)
    5. Rose (Dedicated blogger)

  8. Hey, I’m filing a protest. I want an investigation into how a region was decided.

    I think we should have a regional based on actual regions.

    SoHum forever!!!!

  9. Me again…

    As is the case in the NCAA tournament, many teams are placed in regions that are not geographically close to home. This year the top seeded team in the West Region was Syracuse University out of New York.

    Redhead Blackbelt earned a #2 seed, and I should note that two of the #2 seeds are Southern Humboldt Blogs. The placement of the Blog has little to do with location, and more to do with how your blog is ranked overall.

    Oh, and i should note…the names of the Regionals are purely arbitrary. Geography plays an insignificant role in this tournament.

  10. Roberta, I like your rankings as well as those offered up by Richard. the Committee is far from perfect. I will note that the gap between The Herald and Sohum Parlance is very small. The Committee chose an overall number for the sole purpose of placing the high seeds (#1’s through #4’s) in the proper brackets.

    A little debate is good. keep it coming!

  11. I say you pick a random year of the NCAA and use that as your guide to advancement. How about the first real year of North Coast blogging, which would be 2005(?) Heraldo posts his blog as starting in 2006. Fred and Samoa Softball I believe have him beat by a few months. So, let’s say you did use the 2005 NCAA year…yes, there would be a way for us to track our play….but, honestly, what bloggers here are so enamored with sports that they would actually take the time to research an NCAA March Madness tourney…..uh…..Samoa Softball would. Nevermind.

    Surprise us, Boy! But let me offer this bit of advice. Whomever reaches #1 will probably ask for a certificate from you to hang on their blog. Kind of like the Times-Standard “Best of….” deals.

    You know, if you played your cards right, you could make some real money on this thing…..real money.

  12. Boy, this is quite a feat. Thanks for including me. I’ll do my best to encourage my team to take loads of steroids and to refrain from coke binges before, and after, a match. I can’t make any promises, but I’ll at least pay for your five-night stay in Bermuda…

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