Then there were 16! The Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Second Round Results

The Second Round of the Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament is packed full of storylines. Two of the #2 seeds were sent packing. The boys of Seven-o-Heaven may have been feeling a bit disrespected with their #10 seed, and they responded by upsetting “The Granddaddy of them all” (local blogs), Fred’s Humboldt Blog. However, their underdog story was eclipsed by the continued success of Fortuna Citizen. This #14 seed’s Cinderella Story is unfinished as the Citizen will dance in the round of 16. Other notable stories include Chocolate Covered Xanax spanking the man behind Eureka Now, and Nor Cal History was too much for Carol and Greg to overcome.

Now the Sweet Sixteen is set for this tournament, let us first recap the Second Round…

The Arkley Regional

#1 Humboldt Herald defeats #8 Osborn Reporta

#5 Beachcombers Blog defeats #4 Humboldtia

#3 Chocolate Covered Xanax defeats #6 Eureka Now

#2 Redhead Blackbelt defeats #7 The Ranch at Salmon Creek

The Glass Regional

#1 NCJ Blogthing defeats #8 Bob Flame

#4 Eureka Standard defeats #5 Radio Radio Radio

#14 Fortuna Citizen defeats #11 Kushboldt

#2 Ernie’s Place defeats #10 MovieDad

The Neely Regional

#1 Humboldt Mirror defeats #8 As it Stands II

#5 The Bitten Apple defeats #13 Humboldt Homestead

#3 Somoa Softball defeats #11 Klmablog

#10 Seven-o-Heaven defeats #2 Fred’s Humboldt Blog

The Gallegos Regional

#1 SoHum Parlance defeats #8 Rambling Jack

#5 Tom Sebourn Blog defeats #4 Cheaper than Therapy

#3 WatchPaul defeats #6 Capdiamont’s Weblog

#7 Lynette’s Nor Cal History Blog defeats #2 Carol and Greg’s Place

Sweet Sixteen (Third Round)

Arkely Regional

#1 Humboldt Herald vs. #5 Beachcomber’s Blog

#2 Redhead Blackbelt vs. #3 Chocolate Covered Xanax

Glass Regional

#1 NCJ Blogthing vs. #4 Eureka Standard

#2 Ernie’s Place vs. #14 Fortuna Citizen

Neely Regional

#1 Humboldt Mirror vs. #5 The Bitten Apple

#3 Somoa Softball vs. #10 Seven-o-Heaven

Gallegos Regional

#1 SoHum Parlance vs. #5 Tom Sebourn Blog

#3 Watchpaul vs. #7 Lynette’s Nor Cal History Blog

As you can see, there are some great match-ups, and each of these blogs have a shot at the Final Four.

Who makes it?

Stay Tuned!!!


23 thoughts on “Then there were 16! The Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Second Round Results

  1. The Tournament Committee is learning quite a bit from some of its mistakes. I, De Facto Chairman, assure that the seeding of the tournament will be much improved next year.

    Some Blogs deserved a higher seed, and some were rewarded with generous placements.

    We messed up (a little), but believe me when I tell you it is all for fun.

    You all have great blogs! Just for the record, Roberta, I liked that post from Cap that you keep making reference to.

    Thanks again you all, especially for being good sports (even Ekovox)

  2. Sweet Sixteen! I am so stoked! My team can’t over look Seven-o-Heaven after their huge upset of Fred though. We will need to stay focused and not look ahead to the possible showdown with the Humboldt Mirror! Just stay calm and stay the course………

  3. Wooo hoooo! Victory is sweet. That paddle with the holes in it really did the trick.

    Now for that feisty redheaded blackbelt…..hmmmmm…..will it be the leather flogger or the riding crop? Decisions.

  4. People just reading this Blog post for the first time are wondering what kind of tournament K-Bel is in.

    Oh, and by the Third Round it is all about the leather flogger.

  5. We’re feeling pretty pumped about our upcoming bout against the Eureka Standard. Their offense can still surprise, but their defense has been asleep at the wheel for a year or so.

    But the thing for us is that we know we can’t get cocky. We’re going to train for this just like we would any other match. Like last week. Bob Flame came out ready to play; he’s a fierce competitor, and he played a tough game. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the Standard.

  6. We’ll beat the NCJ blog with a free-throw, or penalties, or excessive dribbling, or some other goddammed basketball-themed tactic.

  7. Reading the vernacular, I can see how few Blogger’s are sports fans. For those who are fans, you make this tournament so much fun.

    I had no idea what sort of a show down I may have set up in the regional finals. The bad blood between Seven-o-Heaven and the Mirror looks to be very palpable. Enough animosity to start a small war. Extra security would have to be brought in for that match-up. All that stands between the Mirror and Seven-o-Heaven are the Bitten Apple and Somoa Softball. God help us!!!

    I love it.

  8. Yikes, not public floggings! I thought this was going to be something more fun like chocolate mud wrestling–

    Yeah, well I would have to charge $29.99 per month recurring, and I may have to do that for the leather flogger thing too…

    Maybe the next round of the tournament will have to be on PPV…

    …or the Spice Channel

  9. I’m sorry I’ve missed out on all of this hard work of yours. By the way, would you be interested in being on a trivia team? We have a sponsor. If we get a brilliant third person to match you and Hans, you’ll have a first seed team!

  10. Eureka Standard….I have a lot of money. Do you think we can buy our selves a dynasty team culled from the leftover blogs who have lost in this torturous tourney?
    With what we save by shopping at Winco we may have a chance.

    My advice: Look out for SoHum Parlance II….He’s been seen talking to Pepper Gomez.

  11. See Ekovox. All of those years of buying bulk sized cans of Nacho Cheese have allowed you save enough money to buy a championship.

    Or has it?

    I guess any strategy could work in next year’s tournament.

    I know I can’t say it enough, but having Ekovox and The Artist formerly Known as the Carson Park Ranger around for a few days has been great.

    Thanks again.

  12. Tom, you have proven to the Blogger Community that you were indeed worthy of a #5 seed. If you take out SoHum Parlance, that will be one of the bigger upsets of this tournament.

  13. I, too, only found out in was part of this amazing competition… just as I had my (blog) handed to me by the Eureka Standard. I understand and will prepare a better defense next year…

  14. Well Monica, you may take comfort in knowing that your blog knocked out the blog of the guy who created this Tournament.

    … I still have the boot marks too (sniff…)

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