Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Elite Eight dreams end for two Cinderellas…

The clock finally reached Midnight for two Cinderella stories of this Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament. Fortuna Citizen, the #14 seed was eliminated, thus ending a tremendous run. Another fan favorite, the #10 seed Seven-o-Heaven, again was a tough customer, but came up short. The field is now down to the Elite Eight. These eight blogs all have strong chances of reaching the Final Four. Underdog may no longer apply in this tournament. Though the four top seeds remain, they now face stiff challenges. No clear cut favorites remain.

Tom Sebourn proved he was more than deserving of his #5 seed. Very nice work this year.

The Artist formerly known as The Carson Park Ranger returned for one last dance. As the Eureka Standard exits from the Tournament, we tip our caps, and say thanks for the memories.

The men from Seven-o-Heaven proved beyond a doubt that they were much more powerful than the #10 seed they were given. Expect to see them in next year’s tournament, and you can be sure they will make some noise.

Was the decision to change from the paddle to the leather flogger going to haunt Kristabel and Keri? Would Chocolate Covered Xanax have beaten the Blackbelt if they had stayed with the paddle? The ladies of CCX will have a year to ponder that very question.

A special shout out to Lynette, Beachcomber, and Indie. These ladies’ blogs were the ultimate competitors, and you will be sure to see them make similar runs in next year’s tournament.

The Arkley Regional

#1 Humboldt Herald defeats #5 Beachcomber’s Blog

#2 Redhead Blackbelt defeats #3 Chocolate Covered Xanax

Arkely Regional Final

#1 Humboldt Herald vs. #2 Redhead Blackbelt

The Glass Regional

#1 NCJ Blogthing defeats #4 Eureka Standard

#2 Ernie’s Place defeats #14 Fortuna Citizen

Glass Regional Final

#1 NCJ Blogthing vs. #2 Ernie’s Place

The Neely Regional

#1 Humboldt Mirror defeats #5 The Bitten Apple

#3 Somoa Softball defeats #10 Seven-o-Heaven

Neely Regional Final

#1 Humboldt Mirror vs. #3 Somoa Softball

The Gallegos Regional

#1 Sohum Parlance defeats #5 Tom Sebourn Blog

#3 WatchPaul defeats #7 Lynette’s Nor Cal History Blog

Gallegos Regional Final

#1 SoHum Parlance vs. #3 WatchPaul

Looking at the Elite Eight, you can’t help but say “Wow”. All four match-ups are great. Those who were clamoring for a show down between the Mirror and Seven-o-Heaven must not dismiss Somoa Softball. Any of these eight blogs could end up as the champion.

Eric versus Rose is a literal Clash of the Titans. Ernie and the North Coast Journal will be a close one too. Finally, do not think that the Redhead Blackbelt has cruised to the Elite Eight. She will give the Herald some trouble.

Again, I want to thank all of the local blogs, and please keep in mind that this is all for fun. Your comments and participation in the threads has been much appreciated.

Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Elite Eight dreams end for two Cinderellas…

  1. Whew, the leather whip nearly had me on the ropes but luckily both cousins weren’t putting in equal time or I would have been doomed.

    Former competitor, The Ranch in Salmon Creek, came to my training camp to bolster my energy for the big bout with Heraldo.

    Frankly, though I sting like a butterfly and hop like a toad,
    I think Redheaded Blackbelt will be flat on the road!

  2. C’mon Ernie’s Place! Give me that Oldtimer’s yee-haw by whippin’ out the old widomaker on ’em! If needed, I can lend you my last set of catskinner’s goggles for the final push.

  3. Again, having Ekovox and CPR around has been a treat.

    As for Mr. Branscomb, it will be reminiscent of Oh Brother, where art though?. He is going to show up someday and be completely bewildered by the applause and praise he will receive.

    Who will be the first to knock out a #1 seed?

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