Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Southern Humboldt dominates the Final Four.

The Elite Eight proved to be the end for two top seeds in this tournament.  When all was said and done, it was blogs from Southern Humboldt that sent a clear message to their neighbors from the North.  Not wanting to start a regional war in this lovely county, but our neighbors to the South are going to hold their heads quite high for a few days.  The Final Four is set, and now our local experts will have a few days to dissect, and prognosticate the upcoming matches.  Let’s review the Elite Eight

The Arkley Regional Final

#2 Redhead Blackbelt defeats #1 Humboldt Herald

It was a double take that was more of a quintuple take.  The mighty Humboldt Herald had a bad day on the wrong day, and the Blackbelt took advantage.  Now with the heavily favored Herald out of the tournament, the field is a little more evenly matched.

Congratulations to The Champion of the Arkley Regional: The Redhead Blackbelt

The Glass Regional Final

#2 Ernie’s Place defeats #1 NCJ Bloghting

Congratulations to the Champion of the Glass Regional: Ernie’s Place

Ernie never really struggled after his contentious battle back in the First Round against the Veggie Addict.  The North Coast Journal ran out of steam, perhaps hung over from the battle with the Carson Park Ranger.

The Neely Regional

#1 Humboldt Mirror defeats #3 Somoa Softball

The Mirror is the only non Southern Humboldt blog to reach the Final Four.  Somoa Softball had a good run, but was overmatched against the Mirror.

Congratulations to the Champion of the Neely Regional: The Humboldt Mirror

The Gallegos Regional

#1 SoHum Parlance defeats #3 Watchpaul

Eric and Rose slugged it out, and Eric’s blog just did beat Rose‘s.

Congratulations to the Champion of the Gallegos Regional: SoHum Parlance

The Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Semi-Finals

#2 Redhead Blackbelt vs. #2 Ernie’s Place

How they got here:

Redhead Blackbelt with victories over: #15 Impact Humboldt, #7 The Ranch at salmon Creek, #3 Chocolate Covered Xanax, and #1 Humboldt Herald

Ernie’s Place with victories over: #15 Veggie Addict, #10 MovieDad, #14 Fortuna Citizen, and #1 NCJ Blogthing

#1 Humboldt Mirror vs. #1 SoHum Parlance

How they got here:

Humboldt Mirror with victories over: #16 Brenda Lou’s Blog, #8 As it Stands II, #5 The Bitten Apple, and #3 Somoa Softball

Sohum Parlance with victories over: #16 Lost Coast Daily Painters, #8 Rambling Jack, #5 Tom Sebourn Blog, and #3 WatchPaul

With a little Southern flavor added to this Final Four, it is as wide open.

Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Southern Humboldt dominates the Final Four.

  1. There hasn’t been an A in Sebourn for about a hundred years but I still deserve to loose to So Hum Parlance II. It is just a superior blog. I truly am happy to be invited to the party. By the way, when this is all said and done, there will be a party right? When and where and lets do this thing. I’ll bring some real content and maybe some chips and salsa.

  2. Stunned by the upset, the Redheaded Blackbelt retires quietly to the training facilities to prepare for the battle against the veteran team of Ernie Branscomb.

  3. Looking at the How they got there, I see that Kym and Eric, and the Mirror have had some tough battles. Will they be that much more dominant, or will they be out of gas? The Plot thickens…

    You all have been good sports. I thank you! This has been a labor of love, and I have had fun.

  4. Whooo Boy, this is exciting. This is extremely difficult for me to root for one over another. Since both Redheaded Blackbelt and Ernie’s Place represent the Humboldt Oldtimer regime, I still have a fondness for SoHum Parlance’s hankering for big-time wrestling at the Cow Palace. The Humboldt Mirror is much like the masked wrestlers of old. When they finally pull their masks off, you find old friends.

    I don’t know, I have big money on this, BIG MONEY and I may vote for the only female driven blog, just cause it would be the chivalrous thing to do…..and the Bugs are a tempting lot to side with, but I’m going to have to place my largest bet on Ernie’s Place. Why? Because it is the coolest blog in Humboldt. (Refrigeration pun intended)

  5. At some point Ernie will find out that his blog is still in this thing…

    Ekovox, I can hear your head exploding from here. It is hard to root against any of these blogs.

    Richard…your blog had a tremendous tournament. If you stockpile talent for next year, you will be tough to beat.

    Again, thanks for all your comments.

  6. Hi Tap
    I click by your place now and again. I saw that you were running some kind of a contest. I didn’t see myself in the running at first, I stopped by today, after not tuning in for a while, and I see that I’m in the finals! Huh, how’d I get there?

    I wish I could say that I understand. I don’t know how all this stuff is decided. I’ve always written my blog to provoke thoughty responce from the commentors. Maybe somebody will explain it to me. Anyway, I’m honored?
    It looks like you are having great fun.

    Sorry that I’ve been so busy lately. My commentors have been keeping my blog alive, and they have been doing a great job.

    I asked my wife if she understood what is going on. She said: “Don’t be rediculous, you know that I don’t know anything about Basketball”. I think that it was a compliment.

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