Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Final Four results, and Championship Match

The Final Four was held today. Four great blogs, but only two could advance to the Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Final.

The comments left by readers suggest that this was a success. The people who got into this event were all good sports. Next years tournament will be even better. Now, let us recap the two Semi-Final match-ups.

#2 The Redhead Blackbelt vs. #2 Ernie’s Place

Winner: Ernie’s Place

It was a back and forth battle, but Ernie pulled away at the end. Perhaps Kym was worn down from all the strong blogs she had to conquer on her way to this Final Four. Ernie continues to roll, and will now compete to take the first ever Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Championship.

#1 Humboldt Mirror vs. #1 SoHum Parlance

Winner: SoHum Parlance

The Bugs were leading most of the way, but could not close the deal. Eric stormed back in the late stages of the contest, and closed the door for good on the wonderful run the Bugs made in the tournament.

The First ever Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Final

Monday April 19, 2010

#2 Ernie’s Place vs. #1 Sohum Parlance

Preview: Ernie and Eric have both had their way with opponents leading up to the Final Four. Ernie was exposed a little by the Veggie Addict, and again by the Blackbelt; showing some chinks in his armor. Eric survived a quick strike by the Bugs, and held the course to come back and finish strong in his Semi-Final. Poise will be an important quality in this Final, and Eric and Ernie have a lot of it. A slight edge goes to Eric because he has beaten higher seeded blogs along the way. However, Ernie has yet to be intimidated by an opponent. Look for an evenly matched contest, with the winner pulling out a victory in the final moments.


5 thoughts on “Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Final Four results, and Championship Match

  1. Eric, lets just co-win, split the prize, and we won’t have to suffer the humiliation of losing!

    I’m still hoping to win the recipe for Ekovox’s butterscotch lasagna though. That would be a great prize!

    Kym you are far too gracious! Your blog is top-notch. It has been proven to be, not only interesting, but pertinent to what is happening in our area. Your photography is wonderful and unsurpassed, with the one remarkable exception of the sideways photo of the multi-mountain range. What was up with that anyway?

    Your blog should be required reading for anybody that lives in Southern Humboldt.

  2. A 9″ x 13″ Pyrex pan filled with Butterscotch & Vienna Sausage Lasagna is being prepared now for the championship banquet.

    In this era of political and social correctness, everyone’s a winner and there are no losers. Blue Ribbons for every participant. We’re all here to learn from each other. Competition in sporting events should be eliminated. Exercise, comradarie, practicing skill sets and community partnering is why we come together for this interchange.

    Oh, Horse Feather! Be very afraid, Sohum Parlance II…Ernie’s Place is taking you downtown!

    You may have the spirit of Pat Patterson, Kinju Shibuya, Peter Mavia and Ray Stevens on your side, but Ernie’s Place is armed with a Norwegian Fiddle, A pair of well- worn White’s Caulk Books and a new set of Cat Skinner’s goggles.

    This will be fought out from two locations. Blogging from two laptops, one inside the Eel River Cafe, the other inside of the Woodrose Cafe.

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