SoHum Parlance is the first ever Champion of the Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament!!!

Congratulations to Eric Kirk and SoHum Parlance, our first ever Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Champion!!!

It was almost a runaway for Eric early on, but Ernie rallied a couple of times before Eric put the match away in overtime.  Sometimes, it is just the way the dice fall.

We would like to recognize Ernie’s Place for a wonderful tournament that was just short of a championship.  It was a good last match, and Southern Humboldt should be very proud of their Champion and Runner Up.  We shall see how the Northern Humboldt folks react to having the Championship residing in Southern Humboldt.  Not just that, but So Hum dominated the Final Four, and the all Southern Championship Match.  Good for you, So Hum!

This tournament was a wonderful showcase for our local blogs.  All the match-ups aside, we have some awesome blogs here.  This Blogger’s Tournament was so much fun for me, and I appreciate all of the comments from readers and fellow bloggers.  All that is left to do now is hand out some Post Tournament Awards.

Most Outstanding BlogRedhead Blackbelt

With all of the pre-tournament hoopla focused on the #1 Seeds, the Blackbelt flew under the radar.  She conquered some tough Blogs, culminating with toppling the overall #1 seed, the Humboldt Herald.

Most Outstanding Underdog PerformanceTIEFortuna Citizen and Seven-o-Heaven

These two lower seeds showed the Humboldt Blogosphere that they were not anybody’s stepping stone.  Expect to see great things from these blogs next year!

All Tournament First Team

SoHum Parlance

Ernie’s Place

Redhead Blackbelt

Fortuna Citizen

Somoa Softball

All Tournament Second Team

Humboldt Mirror


Humboldt Herald


Chocolate Covered Xanax

Honorable MentionTom Sebourn Blog

Thanks again, and we will see you all next year!!!

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6 thoughts on “SoHum Parlance is the first ever Champion of the Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament!!!

  1. Hummmph…You know what they say, second place is first place loser.

    Congratulations to Eric! He deserves to win.

    When I first started blogging it was because of the “Reggae Wars” going on in Southern Humboldt. I had heard that Eric Kirk was covering it on his “Blog”. I didn’t know what a blog was at the time, but I soon started reading and got caught up in blogging. I started writing to Eric’s blog about Reggae. The “war” was badly hurting the local people. Both sides of the “war”, AND the innocent side, the “Townies”. I thought that all that I would have to do is throw a little oil on troubled waters and things would smooth right over. The “war” was not just “troubled waters” it was a raging fire storm. The oil that I threw, blew-up in my face, and people from both sides began to hate me… Yes HATE me. Who knew?

    Later Eric started deleting slanderous and libelous statements, written by anonymous people. (I know that there is a difference between slander and lible, but I just don’t care, okay?) Anon complained bitterly about not being able to openly hate without signing their name , and accused Eric of censorship. He told them to start their own blog if they didn’t like it and told them how. He said that it would take about “five minutes”. Three days later I figured out how start a blog.

    I was greatly inspired by Ekovox’s 299 Opine, where we got to talk about history, logging, food, and beer. My four favorite subjects. I thought that my blog was private as long as I didn’t tell anybody about it, so I was merrily writing notes to myself and rambling on about things that I wanted to remember. One morning I woke-up, clicked on Eric’s blog and his post was “Hey, Ernie’s got a Blog!”, and he provided a link to it. I quickly cleaned out the things that I didn’t want to be read and started trying to put a few things on that people might want to read and comment about. The rest is bullshistory.

    I’m really glad that this “Contest” was not based on reality, I hate being “Last Loser” even worse.

  2. Sigh…..Next Year, Ernie….Next Year….

    Congratulations, Eric!!!!!!!!

    South vs. North, eh? This has all of the rumblings of the yearly Fortuna/Ferndale Milkcan Game.

    History, Logging, Food, Beer.
    Yep, that just about covers it.

  3. Man! I am so jealous! We needed this title! Everyone knows what a sore loser I am. I will stack the deck next year! A Rod, Kobe, Manning, Crosby, Fred, Ernie, Carol & Greg, Huck, Hank, Tam, Mintz, Burns, Walters, Driscoll, Hoover……….just wait til next year.

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