Costco Trip #042810

So once again, Mr. Pat and I avoid the crowds at this place, and this is what we found before they rolled up the floors, and hammered shut the cases:

Former Band Leader, and Tropicana Headliner Ricky Ricardo has started his new company garunteed to go places.

The way I see you pronounce this, it says FOOL.  Are we a fool to buy this.

I guess they are heavy enough.

I am waiting for the Vertical Flooring.

Sub-Woofer Speakers that double as wash brushes for your car.

I do not get it…Dual Flush is now efficient?

So you can have that “dirty affair” kind of feeling right in your own home.

Wow, he finally did accomplish something down in that dingy basement.

If Geometric Wine is your thing, or if you want to go of on an entirely different subject…

This Tequila is very good…no bull!!!

Drink enough of this stuff, you feel like you were hit by a machete.

I’m thinking after six shots, there should be a hole in your head.

If a six shooter is not your thing, then try a clip of this.

Then again, why mess with a hand cannon, when a Street Howitzer is much more damaging.

To my Italian friends: Are you going to stand for this?

Yes, if you want to go from Featherweight to Heavyweight, eat this stuff.

Anybody else see a sly reference to a “Tickle his Pickle” book?

OK, so is the food wild?

Personally, this reads like a fat joke.

I am sure some people would rather pour their own machete of tequila over chicken.

Not a funny one, but a reminder of the numerous items offered at Costco that will add inches to your waistline.  Shop with care.


2 thoughts on “Costco Trip #042810

  1. Always love this thread! At the risk of having no sense of humor, dual flush is more efficient because you have a low-level of flush for #1, a higher level of flush for #2. I saw these all over Israel…

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