And the sign said: Doesn’t matter now.

I ran across this scene on an early morning walk on Sunday.  I was on Koster street out by the parking lot of some business place.  A sign like this flanked both sides of the parking lot, and both were torn in half like this.

Simply too bad.  I want to dismiss this as some youthful prank perpetrated by kids who were merely looking for laughs.

However, if this was a malicious attempt to show disgust for a candidate then I am left speechless by the general absence of brain cells among the local electorate.

For those of you who like to destroy the signs of the opposing candidate:

I know it is a drag to live in a democratic society.  It must be tough to look out your windows and not see government policemen toting Russian made assault rifles keeping a watch on you and your neighbors.  I am sure you could file a complaint with the person in charge, but hey, that person in charge may just have  you and your family dragged out of home at rifle point to be sent to a prison camp unless execution in the public square passes for weekly entertainment.

Geez, and why the hell do we get the dreadful right to vote?  What the hell is that?  Can’t somebody just take control, and hold onto power?

…you see, that is the beauty of the democracy.  We get to choose our leaders.  You may not like the opponent, and that dislike may stem from any given reason, but respect the process.

I may not have a rooting interest in any candidate in any of these local races, but I respect their right to campaign.

Please Eureka (and Humboldt County), stay classy!

I realize Richard over at SomoaSoftball has more about the sign hijacking.  It could get serious.


2 thoughts on “And the sign said: Doesn’t matter now.

  1. This is a serious situation. We are just trying to do this campaign above board, but obviously someone is doing this directly against the Bass campaign.

  2. Nah, that’s the spin but not what is happening, because others are being hit as well.

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