“For the Glory” goes national (again)

A couple of years ago I posted a blog story (on a blog now defunct) about The Kinetic Grand Championship getting a small (quite small) blurb in ESPN the magazine.

So I as I browse through the current issue (this one with Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young on the cover)

When I got to the Page 2 section of the magazine, there on the corner of the page was the What 2 Watch 4 (W2W4) section.  This little space is reserved for announcing some big sporting events, and some that often fall off the radar outside the region where they are taking place.  I often see a cheese rolling contests, or the National Freeze Tag Championships.  Once I even saw an announcement for the World Air Guitar Championships.

So right there in a small corner setting beneath a picture of Lebron James’ head superimposed on a hockey player from the Montreal Canadians was the What to Watch for calender.  It appears ESPN the magazine loves our little race we have on Memorial Day weekend.

I apologize for the photo quality, but the pages of the magazine are not glossy.  I do not have a kick ass camera that could compensate for the elements in which I was working.

The caption reads:

“Artsy competitors gather in Humboldt County, Calif., May 29-31 to race giant buoyant, sculpture-y crafts.  Want to see a museum in motion? Then you want kineticgrandchampionship.com”

How cool!

Kinetic Grand Championship


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