Photos from the Dock: The Kinetic Grand Championship

Over by Englund Marine, and away from some unfriendlies I spotted on my way to watch the Sculptures enter the water, I snapped a couple of pictures from this morning’s events.


Teamwork on display


Easy Going!

Belongs on the water.

Small is beautiful

One of my most favorite. Made me hungry.

His co-pilot is the Queen. She passed to party on a boat instead.

These pilots decided to take a different line in the water.

Great Design

Most dedicated, swimming and pushing the sculpture through the bay.

After an early steback, the Nearly Nudes got moving.

The little engine that could.

The 420 Hooka and Ladder took a wide lane for their crossing.

Cool. See what sponsorships can help to create.

…and my favorite of this year’s entries:

Wonderful concept.

Makes me hungry.


2 thoughts on “Photos from the Dock: The Kinetic Grand Championship

  1. Nice pictures. Next time I hope you would consider taking a photo of the unfriendlies, as your lead in has me curious.

  2. Ha! Yeah, perhaps I can do some kind of black white grainy photo set of these people. Sort of like old pictures snapped by a PI.

    Great idea.

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