Costco Trip #062310

It had been a while, but Mr. Pat and I returned for a trip through Costco.

Finally!  Good news for those people who rely on hair dryers:  One that will never need replacing!  Or will it?

Pedafiles now have a new tool.

Would anybody with a sense of style and fashion have stripes and dots so close together in the kitchen?

Lawyers for Fozzie Bear intervened and forced this company to shorten their product name from three to two, and drop the A at the end of the word.

The drunks who shop at Costco are delighted to see the expansion of the Alcohol section.

The burger joint of Pulp Fiction lore now has a line of designer beers…

Get drunk enough off this Scotch Whiskey, and you will be able to clearly pronounce its name.

Price Pfister suddenly decides to get into the business of getting people shit-faced!

I wasn’t sure if this was a warning, or just an attempt to motivate drinkers.  Memo to the manufacturer:  People already want to drink this for any number of reasons, and do not need encouragement.

Look Dad! Cuatro Equis!  I guess you need a Fiesta Guide if you are going to drink Mexican beer.

Now that is just plain old boasting. (Mejor tanslates into better for all you non-speakers)

The idea for the labeling of this product was ripped from somebody’s online dating profile.

For some reason an investment banker decided to market his/her own style of cheese.

Cool New York Style Italian sausage!  Maybe I will take a closer look at the label…

W T F???  Labor must be cheaper on the Left Coast.

Mini Sticky Buns sounds less like a food item, and more like a film produced in Chatsworth, Ca.

Come on guys!  Who has not seen a Legendary set of cantaloupes?

Show me a person who eats “sensible” portions of snack foods, and I will show you a liar!

Blogger’s note: During our post Costco dinner, Mr. Pat and I learned of a devastating removal of a menu item at one of our most beloved eating establishments.  The story of dismay and utter heartbreak to come soon!


One thought on “Costco Trip #062310

  1. Now this is embarrassing…I’ve eaten that NY Style sausage a few times from Safeway and I never noticed that it was made in our state (I did, however, wonder how it always looked so fresh if it was made 3,000 miles away). 😉

    I’m remembering now what George Carlin said about foods labeled with the term “style”. Something about definitely not being from the denoted area and most likely made in Bumf***ke Egypt. 😛

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