The Fern Canyon Blues/ The Sun made it out in Trinidad

The fog hovered near the bluffs on this morning...

Blogger’s Note:  My only critique of Fern Canyon is its ease of accessibility to the general public.  The road comes within less than a tenth of mile to the entrance of the canyon.  The experience seems less like a walk through nature, and more like a day at Swimmers Delight during the Fourth of July weekend.

The first hour of my walk was what I was looking for.  There was the solitude of the trail, and the sounds of nature in the canyon with the occasional walker.  The second and final hour was less of an experience.  It was more like being in some theme park on a summer weekend discount day.  What was missing were trash cans every ten feet, and vendors selling junk food.

I now find that I like places where you have to sweat a little in order to reach them.  How much better would the Fern Canyon experience be if the trailhead was closer to the highway?  Six to eight miles of required hiking in order to reach the canyon would cut down on clutter.

I will close by saying this: all would have been just fine if I had arrived an hour earlier.  Then I would have made it in and out of the canyon long before the Disneyland crowd showed up.

The trees along the trail from the parking lot looked cool.  The weather was cool, as the Sun was hiding behind the fog.

A look back to the entrance of the canyon.  The walls are covered in ferns.  The sound of the creek was soothing.

The walls of fern were amazing.

The walls closed in as I moved up the canyon.  The sissy bridges were laid out.  I did my best to avoid them.

Water came down the walls.  It was almost like a light rain in some spots.

There were several little pools like this one.  There quite a few little fish living in these waters.

The curves of the canyon are magnificent.  I took this picture of the upcoming bend.

Of course many trees have fallen into the canyon.  They have become simple roadblocks you must traverse in order to continue.

The green of the canyon was just so awe inspiring.  I had forgotten how lush this place is.

A rare change of color from the green.

The rocks in the creek bed had quite a look to them.

So many little pools of water.  I especially like the soft creek bottom under this fallen tree.

Absolutely amazing.

The trees above the canyon walls.  In this light there were sort of majestic.

On my way back to my car, I saw three or four Elk.  They all had racks like this one above.  Very impressive.

On my way out of the park I stopped at the beach where all of these dead logs are resting.

This looks like something off of a Led Zepplin album cover.

One last look at the bluffs before I depart.

After I left Fern Canyon I decided to get more use out of the $8 day pass I purchased this morning.  I pulled into Patrick’s Point State Park.  I was treated to sunshine.  I found a picnic bench and did some paperwork while getting tan.

I always like the views from the cliffs at Pat’s point.

Wow.  What a day!


5 thoughts on “The Fern Canyon Blues/ The Sun made it out in Trinidad

  1. What a beautiful place! I’ve only been once before but your photos are making me want to go again. The greens enfold the hiker in some fairy tale place where magic might happen!

  2. Wonderful pictures…and looks like the Thimbleberries are getting ripe…its been years since I’ve had one…yum!

    I didn’t know that you had Elk up there…or that Mr. Pat had a park named after him either. 🙂

  3. Wonderful photography! Have you ever visited a site called Multiply. Lots of artists, poets, photographers on there. You would fit right in!

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