Pops is a Doctor after all…

I was very honored to be there as our beloved Pops was receiving a well earned Doctorate in the Bay Area this passed weekend.  It was a small ceremony among friends, and we could not be prouder of our dear friend.

It all started with a menu item from a restaurant that shall remain nameless.  On the menu was a Reuben Sandwich, that was described as being prepared with Pastrami and sauerkraut.   Upon reading this, Pops flew into a controlled frenzy over the audacity of that eating establishment soiling the reputation of a great sandwich.

Pastrami does not make a Reuben

Pops reminded us that a Reuben Sandwich was made with corned beef.  We had to dissuade Pops from going to the place of misrepresented foods so that he might give the owner a piece of his mind.  Pops would carry this memory with him to the Pyramid Brewery in Oakland the very next day.

The way to a Reuben is with Corned Beef

On the menu at Pyramid was, of course, a Reuben Sandwich.  Pops made no hesitation in ordering the sandwich he had become quite familiar with.   After getting countless reassurances from our server that the Pyramid’s Reuben did come with Corned Beef, Pops placed his order.

Upon receiving his sandwich and eating it, our server returned to inquire about our food.  Recognizing Pops as quite the sandwich guru, our server called him a “Reubenologist”.  Pops gave the Pyramid Brewery Reuben Sandwich the thumbs up.  His opinion is very important now.

We often make fun of Pops and his love of eating all that is good food.  Now, he is a PhD of Reubenology, and he is the one laughing last.


4 thoughts on “Pops is a Doctor after all…

  1. The Ruben is a train wreck of a sandwich. On average, most people don’t like most of the ingredients. Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, 1,000 Island dressing on Rye Bread. Try them together and you have sandwich bliss.

    It is strange how they all come together.

  2. I meant Reuben.
    As a former sandwich chef at two restaurants, I have to say your pops is right. A Reuben is not a pastrami on rye.
    I like pastrami better but it does not belong on a Reuben.

    Funny I got the spelling wrong, my pops used to be the food supervisor for a chain of restaurants that included Coco’s and Reuben’s.

    He is retired but still fills in at Murphy’s Deli in Trinidad.
    Food. It’s a topic dear to my heart.

  3. If I were Pops I would be busting out that “I’m a doctor, listen to me thing,” at every opportunity, especially to the guy at the deli. My question is this? what sort of pickle does the doctor recommend with this gastronomic delight?

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