Costco Trip #081810

Mr. Pat and I returned to Costco after quite a layoff.  Despite the store having swarms of associates all over the place tonight, I managed to snap some stuff.  I thought I might be getting paranoid, but my mental trappings are my business.

With an exhaust like that, I hope it is meant to be directed out of the house…

For parents who forget to send their children to go potty before getting in the pool…

Designed for the masochist who can’t get enough of the aroma of his own poop…

Yet another gem from another marketing firm:  Do not mess with Rocky the Range Chicken.  You might get a boot in your ass.

I thought I had a funny quip about this, but just do not get a headache from staring at this pic for too long.

Two things here: 1) Who knew BS has thigh meat?  I wonder if it is tough.  2) Who could have guessed that BS sold at just under $4 a pound…

Finally, an alternative to placing real peanut butter on the roof of your dog’s mouth!

I have to admit, that sounds awfully tasty…

Two things:  1)At last, a mix for the Metrosexual man. and 2) Somebody get Berlin’s manger on the phone, because I smell a jingle and a comeback!


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