The Bay Area, and baseball. We have the signs all mixed up.

It has been a little over a month since our last trip to the Bay Area.  This weekend, we are back again for two more baseball games.  I am excited, because the San Francisco Giants are in the middle of the pennant race.  So each game matters.

Now the Giants game is on Sunday, and are seats are up in the upper deck.  We have better seats for Monday’s A’s game.  In fact, we are in the front row in the lower level.  With the Chicago White Sox coming to town to play the A’s, it is a chance for me to send a message to Manny Ramirez.  When Manny was in Los Angeles with the Dodgers there was a section of the Dodger Stadium re-named Mannywood.  Since he has been released by LA, and picked up by the White Sox, I felt it was time to foreclose on Mannywood.

I think the sign will do the trick.  So look for it on ESPN Sportscenter.

Since we will be in Oakland on Monday night, and it is football season, we will not be at our usual Monday night hide away.  This sign will alert the appropriate people.


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