Pops: A PhD at work

Monday evening we (Mr. Pat, Bubbles, and Pops, and Tapperass) were at Cato’s Ale House having dinner prior to leaving for the ball park in Oakland.   Pops was delayed by a phone call when we sat down to look at the menu.  Pat and I spotted a Reuben sandwich on the menu, and it was made with pastrami.  We prayed that Pops would just not see it.  We tried very hard to push him into ordering a burger.  It was not long before Pops spotted the item, and flew into a controlled rage.

In case you do not recall, Pops has a PhD in Reubenology: The study of Reuben Sandwiches.

However, instead of demanding to speak to the head chef/owner of the establishment, Pops decided to make his point with crayons and paper.  The place had glasses full of crayons, and white paper for the patrons to create spontaneous art while eating.

Pops went to work…

Carefully illustrating the inner workings of the Reuben

He made his point in a beautiful, if not mad genius sort of way.

He presented his work to the young man at the counter.  Pops made sure to leave his contact information in case they needed anymore of his expertise.  He did not feel the need to enter the kitchen and set the chefs straight on that occasion.

We love our Pops so much.  He strives to protect the public from the “Bogus, fake systematic” Reuben sandwiches out in the world.  He wants you all to remember that a Reuben Sandwich with Pastrami is not a real Reuben, but just a pastrami sandwich.

Pops has his PhD in Reubenology, so you best listen.

Anyway, while he was busy giving a picture lecture to the people of Cato’s Ale House, he gave me an assignment to do while he was working.  I was asked to draw a picture that would represent a visual self-description.  An assignment that would challenge me to explore whether or not I knew who I was.  A philosophical exploration indeed.

My drawing was succinct:

Pops gave me a failing grade!  Gosh Darn professors!


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