Hey Bloggers!

Hey all you bloggers, it is not too early to start thinking about the 2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament.  For the 2011 tournament, I have decided to do a little more footwork prior to selecting the field.

This is where you come into the picture.  Just like in major college athletics, I am starting a poll with rankings.  Yes, I will be ranking each local blog.  Actually, I will be tracking the top 25 blogs based on some basic criteria (regular activity being the major one).  However, an important element of the poll will be the input of fellow bloggers.  So let me answer a couple of questions right off the bat:

1.  Why is Tapperass doing this?

Well, glad you asked.  It has become clear to me that among the regular local bloggers I have the sports acumen to make something like this work.  If only I could figure out how to create a Fantasy Blogger’s League than watch the hell out.  Besides, last year the blogger’s tournament was tossed together at the last moment.  By starting now, and getting your input it should make the tournament better.

2. Why have rankings?

The rankings will be a major component of seeding the blogs for the tournament in March.  One of the critiques I received last spring had to do with how the tournament match-ups were selected.  By having local bloggers participate in a poll, perhaps some of the head scratching can be alleviated.

Something else to keep in mind…  There may be one major change to the tournament next spring.  Due to a number of blogs going away, or simply becoming inactive, the tournament field may shrink from 65 to 32.  Other options are being explored, but right now there is a strong chance that there will not be 65 qualified blogs to fill the tournament bracket.

With that in mind, a Top 25 poll will be a great way to measure the consensus of the local blogging community, and keep tabs on which blogs will likely make the tournament.

OK, here is how you participate:

Submit a list of local blogs ranked from 1 to 10.  You may wish to list as many as 25, but at least 10 blogs on your list will be enough for me to configure the rankings.

Each blog will be receive points for each 1st place rank, 2nd place rank, 3rd place, etc. from each list submitted by a blogger.  The points will help create the overall rankings.

You can leave your list in the comments section, or you can e-mail me at my contact e-mail.

I hope to have this first Blogger’s Poll out by the second week of October.  So please get your lists to me if you wish to participate.

For now I will accept ranking lists from both bloggers and readers.

Of course I will answer any questions you may have.


3 thoughts on “Hey Bloggers!

  1. Top 20

    1.Chocolate covered xanax
    2.Sohum Parlance II
    3.Humboldt Herald
    4.This very blog here
    5.Petch House….(just for the strenuous amount of posting done)
    7.Fred’s Humboldt Blog
    9.Out on the Peninsula with Jen Savage
    10.The Reporta with Jon Osborne
    11.Tom Sebourn
    12.The Humboldt Mirror
    13.The Plazoid
    14.Samoa Softball
    15.Ernie’s Place
    16.Redheaded Blackbelt
    17.On the Road with Ed Denson
    18.Monica Topping
    19.Addicted To Veggies
    20.Ramblin’Jacks Lab

  2. okay to finish…

    21.Carol and Greg’s blog
    23.Mitch’s Humboldt Against Hate Blog….(not too regular of posting,but important stuff)
    24.North Coast Journal blogthing
    25.Moviedad…(again,not too regular posting,but good when he does)

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