Wrapping up another Bay Area trip…

It is a week late, but I am finally getting around to giving a brief wrap up of the trip last week to the Bay Area.  I already posted pictures of AT&T Park.

First off I want to applaud Pops for going green.  Pops pulled his bike from the rafters of his garage and brought to Oakland.  He rode it each morning to a coffee shop where he met up with a rather eclectic group of old guys .  On the first ride, a fellow bike rider chatted us up at a red light (I brought my bike to cover Pop’s back on the roadway).  The biker commended Pops for using his bike, and admired his courage for choosing to ride on one of the most congested streets in Oakland.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and Pops and I spent the rest of the trip waiting for some car door to fly open and end our lives.

The one place Pops had on his “Must Visit” list was Fuddruckers.  I had the buffalo burger, and watched as Pops gave us a demonstration of the virtue of unlimited cheese sauce.  I never thought I could see Pops as happy as he was with access to unlimited cheese sauce.

On our after dinner walk, I came across a sign that may one day be found up in these parts.  Of course, it may already be here, and I just do not know it.

The baseball game in Oakland was fantastic.  The seats were right up against the rail in our section.

I literally could spit and hit the pitcher Gio Gonzales warming up for his start.  As I expected, my sign was not to be held up during play, so I only got to show it off for a very short while.  Most of the fans got the joke, but the game was actually pretty good.  The A’s beat the White Sox, and pretty much served the death blow to the post season hopes of the Sox.

Now I thought this was funny.  It seems that the players in the Oakland bullpen were already feeling the summer fade away.  It would seem that some of them were cold, and needed a space heater on this evening.  Weaklings!

We will be back in November, and football will be on the agenda!


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