Costco Trip #09302010

Mr. Pat and I return to Costco to see what is new…

Perfect Compost Maker?  It looks like something else…

It looks like the Death Star!

An attempt to lure Latinos?  Rapido!  Rapido!

Yeah!  A fireplace that comes straight out of a box!

It might sell more if that picture had the Swedish Chef  giving the massage.

With the beating that Elway took in the National Football League, that should be a hospital bed he is endorsing.  I guess the grill idea was taken by some guy who used to box.

Some cool idiot will only use this cool tool on his collection of Transformers.

The hell with the Play Station 3…with the Play Station X, the kids will have a jolt of fun clipping those cables to their nipples and flipping the switch.

Stanley’s robust brother Max had an idea to sell two tape measures in one package.  A jealous Stan saw a way to get revenge for not having the flash of brilliance himself.

90 points?  Is this wine or basketball?

Originally called Bear Back, the first concept for the label drawing was too risque for the sales team.  Two bears in a boat was a much safer concept.

Proof that with devoted prayer a barrel of water can become Tequila!

OK Italiano, it is your turn to vent about this item…

Turkey or not, in my old neighborhood this is an insult!

The good Doctor learned sensible while doing a two year stretch in prison sharing a cell with Popeye the Sailor man.

Costco spares no creativity when naming their house blends of coffee.  Besides, viscosity makes it sound like motor oil.

This pony is better because it does not require a pooper scooper!


One thought on “Costco Trip #09302010

  1. I must confess I have never heard of “Chicken Meatloaves”. I guess throwing in the Provolone makes it Italian? I think they’d have better luck with a picture of Tony Soprano giving you the finger and a caption saying “Vaffanculo! It’s f***king Italian!”. 😛

    And that bottle of Tequila…I suspect it was made by that rascal Jose Mondragon when he’s not busy shooting pigs. 😉

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