The first blog rankings are out…

The first Top 25 Poll is out!  Remember this is only the first Poll, and there will be many more before the Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament field is set next March.

1. The Humboldt Herald

A mix of local issues, and some obsession with one person in particular.  However, this is still the top dog for now.

2.  SoHum Parlance

Frequent posts, with lots of non-local politics.  However, threads spurn thoughtful debate, and are well moderated.  In great shape to defend his Tournament Title.

3. The Redheaded Blackbelt

Quickly has become the source for Southern Humboldt culture.  Very good source for Grower’s discussion.

4. The Reporta

Wonderful source for news on our North Coast.

5. Watch Paul

Was Rose going to shut it down a few weeks back?  Well, she is still going strong during this election cycle.

6. The Humboldt Mirror

Often called Sophomoric and Tasteless, the Humbugs have hit a nerve.

7. North Coast Journal Blogthing

Long live the Blogthing!

8. Lynette’s Norcal History Blog

Lynette continues to share wonderful pictures and stories from Humboldt’s past.

9. The Joe Blow Report

Nothing is more exciting, or funny, as Blogger on Blogger hatred.  Mr. Stancliff and Joe Blow are headed for a Steel Cage Death Match.

10. Ernie’s Place

Ernie’s consistency, and loyal following are impressive.

11. Samoa Softball

12. Radio Radio Radio

13. Chocolate Covered Xanax

14. Fred’s Humboldt Blog

15. Tom Sebourn Blog

16. The Petch House

17. Carol and Greg

18. Beachcomber

19. Bob Huck’s The Sunny Side

20. The Plazoid

21. Out on the Peninsula

22. Addicted to Veggies

23. Highboltage

24. On the Road Again

25. Capdiamont’s Weblog

Other receiving votes:

Ranbling Jack

The Bitten Apple

Redneck Romance Writer


Humboldt Against Hate

As it Stands

The ranking will change as the winter moves along.  Those near the bottom of the top 25 have serious competition from other Blogs that are looking to break through.  Perhaps being more tolerant of same sex couples and Sports Fans can help keep your blog in the top 25!




15 thoughts on “The first blog rankings are out…

  1. capdiamont no longer has to prove to me that he is not a sports fan, and has little or no sports acumen. I get it.

    Now here is a little educating I will do for the less sports inclined:

    If i were to rank the top 30 blogs in Humboldt, Capdiamont’s Weblog would be #25…

    If I were to rank the top 50 blogs in Humboldt, Capdiamont’s Weblog would be #25…

    If I were to rank the top 100 blogs in Humboldt… you guessed it, Capdiamont’s Weblog would #25.

    Sorry Cap, you are not last. The cut off for the rankings I posted was 25, or the same number used in College Athletic rankings.

    … this little slice of education was brought to you by the Measure N, Southern Humboldt Trimmers Union, and the opponents of Forster-Gill

  2. The Mirror should be ahead of WatchPaul. Fred’s Blog is top ten material, probably deserving of the 9th or 10th spot.

    Capdiamont does not belong in the top 100, let alone 25.

    Otherwise, well done!

  3. 🙂 I’m in the top 5? Yay!

    And btw – that one at 3:35 is not me. Please check the IP. I would LOVE to know who the imposter is. I have an idea.

    And, btw – Gallegos is trying to claim that he CREATED key programs in the DA’s Office – this is demonstrably false, debunked by nothing less than the Board of Supervisor’s agendas and minutes.

    He’s trying to claim crime is down and down because of him – in fact it is not, debunked by the DOJ’s stats.

    Keep spinning, “R. Trent.” You’re married to it now.

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