Costco Trip #102110

Who flosses water?  And why?

…and guys were thinking of a woman’s anatomy for just a second…

Clever use of a historical, and esoteric, play on words…

… and you thought you have heard of all the Saints.  Here is the Patron Saint of Bad Wines…

It kind of screams ethnic slur to me.  Just an observation…

Oh look, Harry Potter made wine… and who knew a rivalry like the East Coast/West Coast Rap one is about to start between two countys?

… and just how good are these mini cake bites?

Oh yeah!  That good!

Who knew that canines have a fetish?

… and they dance as well!

I was thrown because they were not spinning while attached to a stick.

Parm bites?

I guess we have Eggplant people? (love the name)

You know the Holidays are right around the corner, and you may need to get shit-faced to survive…


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