Costco trip #11092010… you just never know

A Tuesday with nothing better than to toil in the great abyss that is Costco.  Why?  Because buying in bulk is just better.  Mr. Pat and I were only there to shop, but then we saw…

If you buy this for your wife/girlfriend, she may have been expecting 16 inches of something else.

Of course you idiot, bath towels need charisma!  I almost bought one.

Looks like a traffic light to me.

The bag case doubles as a golf bag!

How ghetto is that?  Buy your crystal in a plastic bag.

I guess I was so wrong, jewelery does grow on trees.

All you die hard fans of Melrose Place!  Now you can own the lamps that Billy, Allison, and Sydney had.

Well I will be… a rare Traditional Fruitcake in an area known for the un-traditional types.

The day arrived when Rachael Ray became a bag lady.

Who said something old can’t possibly be good for you?

…and now for the part of tonight’s program when our dear friend Italiano will offer us his take on how the Italian culture has been bastardized…

The bite is often much better, but they don’t carry it at Costco.

From Los Guys, comes tortilla bliss at La Tortilla Factory.  Spanglish called, they want their fabrica back.

…and finally:  Will Costco please stop selling children’s toys that are clearly created by pedaphiles???


One thought on “Costco trip #11092010… you just never know

  1. Ha ha! That first one had me laughing my rear off!

    And hey…no making fun of La Tortilla Factory! They are a very well respected local business where I live and I even did some computer work for them once…not sure if I ever told you about that. And then there was the company presidents daughter…*sigh*…I know I probably told you about her…to this day my biggest regret of the one that got away…*sigh again*…

    Oh, and screw those those phony Italian desserts too! 😛

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