The Birthday Hangover

It has been two weeks since I had that whirlwind celebration that was my birthday.  I felt like I was wined and dined by my friends for an entire week.  By Tuesday, November 2nd, I was still overwhelmed by what was, in essence, a plan thrown together hours before it all started.

My big brother even paid tribute to me (to me!!!) over on his blog.

Now two weeks later I am in a bit of a malaise.  In less than five days I will on the road again to see my Tampa Bay Buccaneers face the San Francisco 49’ers.  The “Bucs” have been a sweet surprise for me this season.  They are having a season that the 49’ers were supposed to be having.  With a winning record, and a good chance to win today at home against the Carolina Panthers, the Bucs will arrive in San Francisco next weekend still in contention for the playoffs.  This is much better than only having two wins to their name, which was what I was expecting when the season started.

My one wish is that when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take the field at Candlestick Park they are wearing their old Creamsicle on white road uniforms.  The ones that come with the helmets sporting that less than masculine winking pirate.  That will make the weekend go from great to out of this freakin’ world.

The trip will involve lots of over-eating, because our beloved Pops would not have it any other way.  We will crash the Seafood Buffet at Cache Creek Casino on Friday night.  This side trip will eliminate the possibility of hitting the Brazilian Steakhouse this time down.  To go to the Steakhouse the day after the Seafood Buffet would render most of us inert for the football game on Sunday.

I was watching a fight last night at the local pool hall.  On the under card of the main event was a fight featuring Jesus Soto-Karass.  What made this fight slightly interesting was the fact that Jesus is sponsored by Winchell’s Donuts.  Perhaps this is why he lost the fight last night.  His entire corner staff was decked out in Winchell’s gear.  What?  Dunkin’ Donuts did not want no part of that?  The fight last night was mild remedy for the Birthday Hangover.

Another remedy was the chore of finding a frame for my one of kind Snoopy painting.  Thank goodness for the Frame Shop in Old Town Eureka.  The staff there was very helpful, and friendly.  I have a few more things that will need frames in the near future, and I now know where to go.  They gave me a deal for the frame, and put the painting in it for me.  All I had to do was find a space on my wall for it.  My co-worker/friend Dana did an incredible job on this painting.  The other Snoopys on velvet in my collection have placed paper bags over their heads.

Friday will be the last great road trip of this year.  The crew is ready, and we have a plan.  Will the plan work?  Probably not, but it is more fun when it does not work, truth be told.

Until then, my hangover continues, and no menudo will help me right now.


One thought on “The Birthday Hangover

  1. That is quite a long hangover! I have a slight one from imbibing too much hard cider last night…what a lightweight I’ve become these days. 😉

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