A quick stop in G-ville… and Pops gets Crab Legs Interuptus

An early afternoon departure from Eureka was on time as Pops and I headed for the Bay Area by way of Cache Creek Casino.  The weather held as we headed south.  We made a quick stop in Garberville, and I noticed the low clouds over the hills.  It made for a great picture, but also served as a reminder that we were likely to encounter poor weather.  In fact, as we reached Mendocino County, the rain began to fall.  It stayed with us all the way to Cache Creek Casino, and Oakland.

We arrived at Cache Creek Casino ready for a break.  The roads were wet, and I was dealing with poor visibility on some parts of the highway.  As I pulled my car into the parking garage I was more than ready to tackle the Seafood Buffet.  This was going to be a big deal.  A seafood buffet promised us something we had not seen in over two years:  Pops and his famous mountain of crab legs.  In the past we would arrive at the Cache Creek Casino buffet on days when the seafood was part of the daily menu.  As Mr. Pat and I would lose ourselves in the overwhelming assortment of food items, we noticed that Pops would pile a mess of crab legs onto plate after plate.  He marveled at how he could enjoy $50 of crab legs for the buffet price of $16 (that is with senior discount).  The last two years we have been hitting the buffet at Cache Creek on days when the seafood was not part of the menu.  Pops persevered, but we could tell that he longed for the crab legs.   In those two years, the legend of the mountain of crab legs grew to near folk tale reverence.  Of course the question became:  would we ever get back to the Casino on the right day?

Today was that day.  However, just as we had built up the hype for this moment, it was quickly dashed by the man who would be a legend.  Pops was very disappointed that the buffet was serving snow crab legs.  In his mind, the labor it takes to open snow crab legs is not worth the paltry amount of crab meat you reap.  So with those thoughts, Pops would not be eating anymore crab legs on this night.  The Foundation, as we called it (pictured above), would not be used to support the vast amount of legs we were so anxious to see.  Pops would leave us with a hole in our hearts.  The great Reubenologist left the stage without any regret on this night at Cache Creek Casino.

… anyway, I think we are down here to see a football game.  Somehow the food has become the attraction, and with Pops, that is no surprise.


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